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Android Users Can Now Experience A Faster Neural Network API; Thanks To Google And Qualcomm Partnership


Google and Qualcomm are working together to make it easy for Android developers to use the Google TensorFlow API in their applications. This will enable on-device machine learning for a broader set of developers. They would be soon announcing a new set of tools for developers that make it easier to bring machine learning models to Android devices. Qualcomm’s innovation continues to drive the expansion of on-device AI and machine studying’s potential. Its newest chips are already capable of supporting development for modern-day CPUs.

Qualcomm’s QCS605 is the most recent SoC chip to provide on-device AI, and it has everything you want to build seamless enhanced smartphone performances. Now, enthusiasts can do extra without a CPU or GPU, which can increase charging size and battery life. Android 12 will include support for updatable neural network API drivers, representing a brand new mannequin that can roll out together with other Android 12 releases. While the way forward for Android is an essential part of the Google reveal, there are various different things that Google and Qualcomm have introduced.

Sometimes, big things start small. You should expect the same of NN API. While the drivers for most Nexus models have been updated together with each OS update, new code will be available for older chipsets once you install Google Play Service. It does not matter if you’re using a Nexus device on Android 8.0 Oreo or an older version of Android. Google has already announced several Android devices that will quickly have NN API drivers bundled in the OS, having Pixel models 1 and two.

Google engineers say that on-device AI can use your phone’s CPU to do 2 extra tasks if you add two cores, however, that it will still allow you to simply use the unit just like you do now. Engineers at Qualcomm say that devices utilizing Google Assistant, Google Maps, and different software programs designed with machine learning can profit from the NN API. The new Neural Networks API has been designed to deliver additional performance as if your device had two extra CPU cores and using less power.

The field of computer vision is constantly advancing, and today we’re announcing some exciting new ways to help your apps take advantage of this technology with our latest tools. In the keynote, they presented how the use of an on-device machine getting to grips with can improve options like stay captioning and automated background substitution.

The developers of the world will be elated to know that a new system has been launched by AMD. This system has one API that they can use to launch many different products each with its own variant. If the different producers of the chipsets also join this system then the reach will be limitless.

Of course, it sounds nice to have an app that gives you info on all the items around you, chats with you, and additionally tracks your actions. Nevertheless, these kinds of actions drain battery life and affect your privacy. For that reason, we focused on packing maximum performance into a small package, which consists of not transmitting your information again to our servers.

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