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Twitter’s Plan To Charge Users $2.99 A Month And Let Them Access Its Premium Content


According to the latest reports, Twitter might be introducing a paid subscription model as soon as certain conditions are met. Twitter is said to be testing a paid subscription service known as ‘Tweetdeck’ which would allow users access to additional tools. The company is believed to start trialing the service soon. Over the past few weeks, there have been many reports that Twitter is getting a paid subscription model. This will allow users to choose to pay a monthly fee in order to get some exclusive features only available for subscribers. For the price of a cup of coffee, Twitter Blue will offer subscription-only features that will keep you from living in fear of your mistakes.

We are working on a new feature that will let you save individual tweets in collections. Use them to organize tweets by topic or create a saved search of your favorite people to follow. Unless we are talking about direct messages, users already have the ability to delete replies and tweets.”If you need help remembering things, we got your back. With Collections, you can save the tweets that matter to you for later (or permanently). What’s more, you can control what happens when you accidentally remove a tweet or quickly fix a retweet or link with the amazing new Undo feature.” Said the officials.

Twitter has announced a new tiered subscription model with higher-priced tiers having more features than lower ones. For example, higher-priced tiers could enjoy a clutter-free news reading experience. Wong explained to Axios that the social media site is considering several options. One such option could be to charge users for a more ad-free experience.

The platform is currently taking a “wait and see” attitude toward premium content, but the technology acquired through Scroll’s acquisition will enhance its content-based advertising. The likelihood that Scroll could be part of a broader Twitter subscription service was mentioned by Tony Haile, the former chief executive officer of SureLock when the acquisition was announced.

“We’re still working on the details, but rest assured that we’re planning to extend TweetDeck’s power to the rest of your online life. We’re not quite ready to talk about what Twitter Blue is exactly, but you should expect it to become even easier to consume and interact with information that matters most.” Added the officials in their statement released in the press.

Besides providing tweets and direct messages to your audience, it also gives you the option to promote your paid content and email newsletter. Despite a difficult start, Twitter Inc. turned in a solid performance in the first-quarter – profits were up, and revenue was slightly higher. The company posted a profit of 16 cents per share on revenue of $1.04 billion.

According to the reports, the company has been looking at a subscription service that would give Twitter a way to diversify its revenue. That said, the company has long been looking at additional ways to increase its revenue which is highly reliant — just under 90% of the first quarter — on advertising. A subscription service would give Twitter a way to diversify its revenue. Now let’s see how the new update rolls out.

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