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Rugged, Lightweight, Completely Portable. The Combar Multitool Is Made For All Adventurers


Are you tired of using those old icebreakers to start a fire or need something to cut your steak after a long day in the forest? The Combar may be what you’re looking for. The Combar is an innovative tool that expands to provide you with shelter and accommodations in the wild. Combar combines the functionality of a knife, pliers, screwdriver, and multiple other devices into one compact design. It’s comfortable to hold for long periods of time and easy to carry in your pocket.”When we started Combaris, we were inspired by the original concept for the product but couldn’t find a company that could manufacture it. So, we designed and manufactured the Combaris ourselves over the past 12 months.” Said the officials.

They’re available in two different varieties, the standard Combar or the Combar Pro, and both feature a variety of useful tools. The standard Combar has a retail price of $425. The Combar Pro is the best quality combat you can find.”We are Aclim8. We are the finest manufacturer of outdoor gear products for wandering souls, risk-takers, and men who live to make memories and take on life with a smile.Aclim8 manufactures innovative outdoor and survival equipment. We have spent years in the upper echelon of the military. ” Added the CEO of the company.

We make COMBAR. It’s a pocket comb that folds down to fit in your wallet, but it won’t fit in your wallet. It’s too damn thick for that. They have been working hard over the last 18 months to develop a revolutionary new harness. A complete toolset in one easy-to-use harness that is re-inventing what it means to bring climbing protection with you. COMBAR is an extension of your body, and we think you’ll agree, it’s shaping up to be a real game-changer.

When you’re well-prepared for any situation, anything is possible. That’s how the COMBAR was born. It all started with our founders’ desire to be prepared for anything. They were members of an Israeli Special Forces – Airborne Brigade that served for many years and operated in different areas of the world. At some point, our founders realized that nothing could guarantee their safety if they didn’t have a solid backup plan to deal with difficult times.

The COMBAR is the result of years of training and development of combat and outdoor tools for two fellow adventurers. We hope it’s as useful to you as it has been to us.COMBAR combines the best features of 19 common tools into a compact, durable 10-ounce multi-tool.

Frustrated with the tools available on the market, four individuals set out to create the ultimate nail gun. We found that less than 5% of the population knows how to sharpen a knife properly. There were many solutions on the market but none that met our founder’s high standards. From patent archives and old inventors’ plans, they built a better nail gun from scratch. After perfecting their design, these crafty gunslingers founded Hitachi Drilling Technologies, and we haven’t looked back since. Let’s see how the tool gets up and makes a difference in the life of people.

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