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Sony Details New PS5 Technology To Leverage Horizon’s Forbidden West Immersion Capabilities!


The PS5 will be the first to feature more exclusive games than any other console, including Horizon Forbidden West 2, the much-wanted sequel to the 2017 smash hit Horizon Zero Dawn.PS5 is set to be the fastest-selling gaming console ever, priced at just $599. And there’s a game of the year edition that includes the upgraded new version of Horizon Zero Dawn. Gamers have never been this excited for a game to drop. They can’t wait to see what Guerrilla Games can do with the next-gen PS5 hardware. Their wish list is long, but they hope to see a far more expansive and alive game world.

Gamers can’t wait to see what Guerrilla Games comes up with for the next-gen PS5. A lush and realistic world is at the top of their wish list.”We are all very excited to see what Sony can do with the new generation of hardware. The main thing on our list is a much more immersive and interesting game world.” Said the gamers after the news came out about the new games set to be released.

However, you’ll notice a fundamental change in Horizon 4. It is now more beautiful and realistic than ever before. Horizon 4 includes new technology from AMD for the upcoming PS5 which means you’ll enjoy graphics that really push the PS4 (its the newest version) to its limits. There’s nothing else on the market quite like the PS5. Its state-of-the-art hardware, features, and game lineup have made it a sure bet that this console will maintain its popularity for years to come.

Here we’re just going to look at how the PS5’s state-of-the-art hardware is going to take immersion in Horizon Forbidden West to all-new levels. Angie Smets, a director at Guerrilla Games, has confirmed that thanks to the super-advanced haptic feedback in the PlayStation 5’s DualShock 5 controller when you play Horizon. Sony today confirmed that when they launch PlayStation 5 it will come with these new DualSense controllers. If you want to take a stealth approach to a combat situation and you dive into the long grass, you can feel those long grass leaves.

The super-advanced haptic feedback on the DualSense 5 controller means that when you play Horizon, Forbidden West you will be able to feel the sensation of diving into long grass. The DualSense 5 controller will give you an added sense of immersion. With the Dual Shock 4, Sony also stepped up its game on the controller itself. Now you’ll feel every vibration and rumble through improved haptic feedback and a new analog stick design.

As the story and tools become more simplified, so will the controls. Archers will experience stringing a bow, releasing the string mid-shot, and feeling every arrow that hits the target. The bow string will be replaced by a more tactile feeling, so the more you pull back the string, the more power you feel. You’ll also be able to feel your enemy’s footsteps and get a sense of the weight of their armor, making encounters with enemies feel even more real. It’s going to be a very fast and immersive gameplay experience with lots of tension. You will also get immersed in the graphics more than ever before.

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