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Gmail Just Got An Upgrade! Now You Can Chat With Your Friends And Group Chat Together Using Room


The Gmail app is better than ever with Google Chat, a tab that brings together chat and email in one seamless experience. And if you feel like you’re missing out on something happening elsewhere online, catch up with friends in a room for real-time conversation. Now, instead of choosing between Google Chat and Gmail, you can check them both at once. Just add your favorite friends to a chat room, and feel free to slip away from work and keep the party going.”We are so excited to announce that we have finally upgraded all free accounts. If you have an old account, it helps you organize your life in a more efficient manner. Starting today, you can have all of your work chat communication with co-workers or teams in one place – right in Gmail. Your chats and updates will be there, either in Chat or Rooms tabs. And your emails aren’t going anywhere, they’ll still be in your inbox as always.” Said the officials while announcing the updates and new features.

Google has released a new update to its Gmail app. The two new tabs include Google Chat and Google Rooms, making the single app for your communication needs. In a world of too many communications tools and distractions, Gmail is unifying all its services into one simple app. With the addition of two more tabs, Gmail hopes to create a single place for users to chat with friends and family. Forget trying to find the right app for work. Update your Gmail app and all your communication is in one location.

Even though users can already create filters, rules, and filters on their mobile device, opening them in the new Gmail tabs makes looking at the information you need so much easier. Gmail for Android will now help you get to those messages even faster, thanks to tabs that surface your most relevant inbox content at a glance.

You’ll get notifications when users you added send messages and when you received messages from other users. These notifications appear in the upper corners of your screen. For most channels, you can interact with other members by sending them messages directly. However, there are some instances where this isn’t available just yet. Please keep in mind that the chat and room tabs are still in an early access phase and may be buggy.

You can now use your Gmail account as your default email account for some great features. Please remember that everyone else you want to talk to will also have to use Gmail. Now you’ve got one beautiful place for all your conversations. It’s a sea of tranquility, with quick access to every message, email or video call you to receive – provided everyone you know also uses Gmail.

Gmail is an excellent email app that you can use on your computer or if you don’t like those, your phone. It’s fast and easy to use and has features other apps don’t. These updates will surely be a huge boost to all the users as now the use of the app will be much simpler. Now let’s see how the future holds for it.

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