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Oh Yes… It’s Coming! Fans Of Ghostrunner Can Finally Enjoy The Sequel! Read To Find More


You’ve seen it in tv shows, read about it on the internet, and may have even read about it in some of our previous blogs. But is it really happening? According to the reports, a sequel to the 80’s classic Ghostrunner is officially in the works.”We’re excited to announce that Ghostrunner 2 is on its way to consoles later this year, featuring a bigger budget and more of what you loved about the original.” Said the officials. The official Twitter account for “Ghostrunner 2” made a surprise announcement earlier today to confirm that it is in production. Ghostrunner 2 is in post-production. The producers are currently seeking potential directors, screenwriters, and actors to submit proposals for further development.

The highly-anticipated sequel to last year’s runner game “Ghostrunner” has officially been greenlit for development. One More Level is currently working with 505 Games and Digital Bros on the project. Fans already know that One More Level is the original Ghostrunner devs and that they are thrilled to be at the helm of a new generation of the game. Good news for fans of the game “Ghostrunner,” the sequel will be released at a date in the near future. Raffaele Galante, co-Chief Executive Officer of Digital Bros, is looking forward to a successful release of Ghostrunner 2. The game has been thoroughly tested by One More Level and thoroughly reviewed by video game reporters.

“Ghostrunner 2 is a great game that will bring hours of fun to fans of the original title. It’s a new chapter in the evolution of One More Level. We have worked very hard to craft a great video game that caters to the needs of our players”  said the officials. The game sold 600,000 copies worldwide in its first month. With a gameplay experience that is out of this world, it’s no wonder why so many people want to play this one.

Ghostrunner is a new kind of game. The main character, Ghostrunner, is a cybernetically enhanced warrior. Who, in between commuting home from the factory job he works at night as a cleaner/assassin, saves the world.In Ghostrunner, players will take control of Cal, the most dangerous Ghostrunner of all time. Cal’s sword skills are only matched by his insane katana-twirling abilities and bullet point charm.

The city is gripped in a power struggle between the people and those in control. The player is a rebel, an outsider with no memory of his past. He possesses supernatural powers and is the only person who can stop the evil rulers from destroying the city and its people. Ghostrunner” begins in a futuristic dystopia, where you run through the crowded city streets from a corrupt justice system. As you flee from your enemies, you must complete a series of objectives and evade your enemies, all while trying to escape the city.

Ghostrunner is about fast movement and precise handling. Moving quickly through environments while staying on top of everything around you is crucial to your survival. Ghostrunner 2 is expected to be a unique game that will fully utilize the capabilities of the Nintendo Switch. The timeline has not been revealed as of yet, and it’s up to the fan community to speculate.

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