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The U.S. Department Of Defense And Chinese Smartphone Manufacturer Xiaomi Have Signed An Agreement To Settle Their Lawsuit!!


The U.S. Defense Department has agreed to resolve litigation against Xiaomi after the Chinese company signed a patent license agreement with the U.S. Air Force. The previous allegations that were on the company now have been also resolved and everything else is also expected to be resolved soon. And the two litigators are Amazon and Microsoft. In fact, the Pentagon announced that it had chosen them to build a major cloud infrastructure for its needs, but there have been problems with this choice.

When things were blacklisted by the president there were speculations that it would lead to some big problems for the country and its people, but there was no such problem with the laws. And as the matter moved to the court for legal proceedings, the mobile phone company had to then resolve the matter internally by having a talk with the US Department of Defense. Now both the parties involved in it have decided to call off the matter and will decide the later things by having a talk with each other.

Before it, The US Department of Defense (DoD) announced the creation of the Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure cloud(JEDI), a piece of critical infrastructure built to support classified and unclassified missions at the service of all branches of the military. The cloud will be built and operated by a team led by Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft, with support from 18 other companies including Oracle and SAP. With a final value of $10 billion over 10 years, it will be the single largest commercial. According to the latest news in the field, the US Department of Defense might terminate the contract with the tech giant completely because of the looming conflict that promises to be long and tedious.

Exciting times in the world of military drones. The US Department of Defense was set to continue its legal battle with Xiaomi but somehow they both managed to call it off after a time of battling against each other in courts. “Amidst rising tension between the US, Taiwan, and China, the Trump administration’s move to blacklist Xiaomi, robbed the company of US$10 billion in market share and sent its shares down 9.5 percent in January,” said Secretary-General Zhu Rongji.

Earlier when the court was the final option for both the parties, it was stated that The ruling was a slap-down for the US government. A spokesperson of Xiaomi told the newspaper PLA Daily, “The US act was improper and not based on facts or evidence.” There was so much outrage from the mobile company but soon after it, all the matter was resolved.

In the court, Xiaomi had requested them to clear off the dispute by allowing them to trade and all other things in the US, but somehow the things didn’t go their way and thus the only option left for them was to compromise and let all the things go. Now the matter has been set to call off and let’s see what happens in the future of both parties.

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