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Rumors Are Circulating That Steam Will Soon Be Coming To Consoles. Any Information Released Yet? All You Need To Know


While many gamers have speculated about the possibility of playing Steam games on a console, Gabe Newell, CEO of Valve, has come out and stated there are in fact plans to create a Steam app for the PS4. He stated that they would be focusing on creating more content and third-party games for the current Steam platform. Valve boss Gabe Newell has dropped a tantalizing hint that PC-only Steam games could come to consoles as well.IncGamers is reporting that they had the chance to speak with Gabe Newell of Valve Software, and he stated that we will hear more about Steam and its expansion into console gaming “by the end of this year”.

In an interview, Newell responded with an answer that satisfied the interviewer, as well as many other interviewees. “I think it’s pretty much a foregone conclusion. There is an issue in terms of relative install bases – I mean, there are fewer people who have high-end PCs than there are who have PS3’s at this point. We’re better at porting games to PC than anyone, which means we’re better at doing it to the 360 than Microsoft. They don’t want our help. So we’ll see what happens over time. We’re obviously interested in consoles.” Added Newell.

Newell used the opportunity to give a reassuring and frank reaffirmation of Valve’s goal of radically improved accessibility for VR. Asked about what mechanics were coming for the rest of the year, Newell kept his cards close to his chest.”We love the PC and we also love the console. We want to make sure our customers get the best experience possible. We’re in talks with Sony and Microsoft to bring more Steam features and functionality into their operating systems. As the summer winds down, it’s time to get excited about what looks to be an amazing year. Fall is filled with great games and Sony has just announced a handful of titles that will join you for the ride. ” Added the CEO of the steam platforms.

Newell went on to say that in the future, Valve will develop more hardware and move into other areas. This includes VR and AR- but not necessarily in that order. Valve is a relatively new company that has done a great job in the past of making games. However, so far they have only released one game on the console in recent times. With talks of more titles being added to the catalog of Valve’s game library, it is no wonder that they have already planned how to release these games on consoles.


Steam is the number one digital distribution platform for PC game and software offers over 60 million titles and 10,000 new releases every year.”We’re always trying to keep our games fresh and interesting, which is why we’ve been working on new stuff for Team Fortress 2 and making sure CSGO has a cutting-edge anti-cheat system.” Said the Newell. He covers all of the best-known corners of If you like to think about sci-fi worlds, and how technology might get us there, then this is definitely for you! Kendrick also answers all kinds of questions about everything from his favorite games to brain-computer interfaces. His answers can be a little difficult to make out at times, but it’s all fascinating stuff.

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