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With This Update, Simple EV Charging Becomes Another App That Provides Support For Apple Carplay


It’s Finally Happening!! The app store of your car-enabled smartphone has been expanded. The two-parent companies are working together to allow a growing number of apps to be compatible with their platforms. A lot of the news was centered around Android Auto and the safety that it brings to drivers.CarPlay and Android Auto are here for your mobile devices, bringing your phone apps to the backup display with ease. Being one of the best car infotainment systems available, CarPlay is like a big step forward for mobile device technology that has now reached some cars. The next service to get Apple’s CarPlay treatment is MOOVILITY which enables drivers to find a place to charge their electric vehicle or a fuel station nearby. This app can be downloaded via Jeep while you are on the go and have no time for large research at home.

Drivers can now save on fuel and get information on nearby charging stations while connected to their phones through the MOOVILITY application. Imagine getting in your car and having Siri read incoming texts or call your mom. MOOVILITY is doing just that, giving drivers the chance to be at ease and feel connected with their smartphone while driving. Being on the road calls for confident decisions and a clear sense of direction. MOOVILITY’s CarPlay support gives you exactly this. You can check what chargers are available nearby, you can check your wallet balance, and you can even find out the number of available charging spots at each location. All these functionalities are available directly from your head unit without having to take your phone out of your pocket.

“Traveling is fun, but it’s also stressful and complicated. MOOVILITY aims to change that. We take the hassle out of booking taxis through an easy-to-use app, and we even get you a free ride when you travel out of town with MOOVILITY’s new promotion.” Said the officials of the app while launching their product and enhancing the features and updates regarding it. Apple made a major move in the automotive world with the release of iOS 14 — it allowed third-party apps to hook into CarPlay. This meant that third-party tools could connect drivers to all kinds of apps, such as those providing peace of mind on their drives.

The new update has added Android Auto as a possibility for many more app categories, such as navigation apps! This means you will be able to connect your Android device to your car and enjoy Google Maps in an amazing GPS experience. Android Auto works with third-party apps to make using your phone in the car simpler and more convenient.

MOOVILITY serves as the perfect companion for your travels throughout Europe, allowing you to take advantage of a wide range of services that allow you to explore the continent with ease while on the go! This clever app from MOOVILITY takes the hassle out of car hire and gives you exactly what you’re looking for on any journey. Furthermore, there will continue to be more improvements made to the platform, including an expansion of Google Assistant to Android Auto.

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