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The Pixel 5A Will Be Released With The Same Chip In Pixel 5. Here Are The Biggest Expected Differences


Google’s Pixel 5a and 5 are both amazing handsets that we expect to be some of the best this year. Although they both have similar features, such as the 3.5mm audio jack and wireless charging pad, there are a few differences you need to know about if you are planning to make an informed purchase. The 5a is nearly identical to the Pixel 5, but at bit cheaper rates. The 5a also inherits all the groundbreaking features of the Pixel 5, including its top performance and Google Lens. And unlike the older version of Pixel 4, this year’s Pixel phone will be available in three colors namely Black, White, and Red. The model is also available with 128 GB storage in a variety of colors.

After rumors circulated for a year, Google finally announced its latest developments in its smartphone lineup. The Pixel 5a and Pixel 5 are the successors to the first generation. Let’s look at some specifications of both smartphones.

 Price :

Google’s Pixel 5 arrives at the high-end of the company’s phone lineup with a $699 price. That’s $200 more than what Google charged for the Pixel 4a 5G and $350 more than the Pixel 4a debuted at. The new Pixel 5a and 5a XL will offer low-cost alternatives to the Pixel 4a and 4a XL, much like the original new Pixels did two years ago.

Despite this, we wouldn’t be surprised if Google is upping the price of the Pixel 5a. Bump up the price of the Pixel 4a and the 2nd generation Pixel to $599 each, and you can have a two-phone lineup that starts at $799 and tops out on $949 for the high-end stuff. Google isn’t completely unfamiliar with this strategy — but since neither of its last few releases has been quite this pricey, it’ll be an interesting test.

Design and Display :

It’s not at all surprising that the Pixel 5a will look a lot like the Pixel 5. After all, Google typically offers the same design in all of its phones. About as close to a flagship phone as you can get without spending $1,000. That could change with the Pixel 5a. Several leaked renders indicate that the phone will feature a plastic back rather than glass (as in the Pixel 5), which is likely to mean it’ll be less expensive.

The Google Pixel 5a is likely to feature a 6.2-inch OLED display with full HD resolution. This is slightly larger than the Pixel 5’s 6-inch panel but does offer a 90Hz refresh rate. The opinion is divided on whether Google will introduce this technology in the next generation phone.

Outlook :

A closer look at the rumored specs of the Google Pixel 5A may reveal some interesting details. While there are quite a few upgrades to its predecessor, it appears to closely resemble the upcoming Google Pixel 5.

The Pixel 5 and the Pixel 5a have several notable similarities, including their designs. However, there are a few differences to note. Both feature dual cameras on the phones’ backs, but the images from the second lens are better in quality on the 5A than they are on the 5.

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