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The Wait Is Almost Over Marvel Future Fight Players, Get Ready For Iron Fist


After the appearance of the Iron Fist, a new Immortal Weapon has been active in the New Capital Cities of Heaven. Two new Immortal Weapons have emerged in Matt Murdock and Colleen Wing. It has recently been announced that as Iron Fist leads the heroes in their defense, a familiar face will don the mantle of a new Immortal Weapon. In the Marvel Universe, there is one city that exists across time and space. It is called K’un-Lun. It is said to be the home of Shou-Lao the Undying. Every decade the Iron Fist tournament is held in order to find a worthy heir to the power of the dragon Shou-Lao. A person that can channel the power of an immortal dragon. One such person who passed this test was Danny Rand.

When the Immortal Weapons and allies unite to defend their city from a takeover by the villainous Hydra organization, Danny Rand is forced to confront his past while protecting a young orphan of mysterious powers. A new Marvel movie is a pretty big deal—especially when it’s one of the most hotly anticipated films of the year. But there’s a lot more going on behind-the-scenes of Black Panther than you might have imagined…

The sudden appearance of the mythical nation brings concerns of war between Wakanda and Latveria. As a Wakandan warrior, Okoye investigated reports of weapons being smuggled into her homeland, she discovered the activities of arms dealer Ulysses Klaue and his involvement in the theft of Vibranium from a Wakandan outpost. As the Immortal Weapons moved to confront their enemies, Okoye killed the giant spider dragon and took out its heart for herself. The other weapons questioned her loyalty, but she assured them she was still on their side. Although Ayo and Shikaku’s plans to deal with the Capital are different, Danzo is ready for anything.

Okoye, one of the warriors tasked with defending Wakanda, has just defeated a giant dragon. She says she has gained the power to create and control the very spider creatures that resemble her. Okoye is technically a general, but she also absorbs the powers of a dragon in “Black Panther” shortly after her husband dies. In a deleted scene from that movie, she says her training as a Dora Milaje warrior helped her control the power once she defeated the dragon.

Okoye’s trademark weapon, the spear, has been enhanced to create projectiles that can burst into flames. In addition, her own fiery power has been amplified, allowing her to project a fiery aura. Iron Fist demands that Okoye relinquishes her newly acquired powers, feeling she violently stole them for herself rather than help the heroes in their mission to protect the Capital Cities’ guardian dragons.

But in the season’s best action sequence, the Immortal Weapons’ team-up between Iron Fist and M’Baku’s Dora Milaje warrior can’t stop Okoye from killing one of their own. While Iron Fist and Okoye learn of each other’s strengths, another dangerous enemy threatens their mission. Now let’s see what is there for the audience in the upcoming editions and updates.

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