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Capcom Has Partnered With Qyou Corp To Create A Resident Evil-Themed Channel On TikTok

QYOU Media Inc. Logo (CNW Group/QYOU Media Inc.)

QYOU Media, a global influencer marketing agency, announced it is working with Capcom USA, Inc. on a social-media campaign for Resident Evil Village 2.QYOU Media worked with Capcom and its agency Dentsu BBDO to develop the TikTok channel for Resident Evil, populating it with a range of videos from funny to weird. These TikTok reels would help the audience to understand things better and grasp out early. QYOU Media produces original videos, news, and entertainment that star social media influencers from around the world. The company creates content about culture, travel, health, tech, and lifestyle for both American and Indian audiences.

Nicole-Rae Cuenca, Head of Global Partnerships at PhantomX told me, “PhantomPlay is a strategic move for us into the gaming industry. Kyle’s passion for gaming, expertise in influencer marketing, and understanding of eSports made him an excellent choice for us.” said the CEO of the company after getting a good audience for the shows. The release of Resident Evil village has been highly anticipated by fans all over the world. The app is the first in a brand new series of Resident Evil mobile applications that have already reached a total number of 3.9M downloads.

Resident Evil is Capcom’s best-selling franchise with sales of over $1.4 billion and is also the best-selling horror franchise in gaming history.  The franchise originally debuted in 1996, with more than 61 million copies sold worldwide as of June 2012 and 800,000 annual shipments as of 2009. The series consists of several survival horror games developed by Capcom featuring a string of characters including Jill Valentine, Chris Redfield, and Leon S. Kennedy fighting against zombies. 

“We are happy to announce a partnership between QYOU Media and Capcom on the Resident Evil brand. This will bring an exciting new content series to TikTok, the world’s largest social platform for short-form video. We are proud to announce a series of gaming partnerships that will guarantee our future. Because, while we push toward the next level, it’s exciting to know that we have an audience that is with us every step of the way.” Said the company after signing the most important deal in terms of the company’s future and success.

TikTok, the interactive social media platform, has partnered with Capcom to create an exciting Resident Evil Village channel. It’s already being noticed by fans and is rapidly gaining popularity as noted in this recent commentary from Nathan Doyle, a well-regarded gaming news authority. A new breed of a video game, accessible in-home units, gaming consoles, and online multiplayer role-playing games, drove the global video game industry to $179.7 billion in 2020.

Resident Evil has become one of Capcom’s most lucrative game series due to the continued success of its first installment.

QYOU Media is a fast-growing, innovative digital media company. We are operating in India and the United States. We create content for millennials on mobile devices and other social platforms with millions of followers. From various parts of the world, the company is trying to maintain everything they can do to give the audience some breathtaking experience.

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