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PG X PS: Paul George debuted new Play Station 5 Seakers for $120


Paul George has revealed he will wear a PlayStation-branded shoe in tonight’s game against the Nuggets. Nike has announced that it will be debuting a limited edition shoe to commemorate the release of its fifth-generation game console, entitled PlayStadium 5. The shoe will be available in select areas around the world on May 14th, but won’t hit the stores in North America until May 27th. It has been speculated that the shoe will be in demand for a long time after its release but let’s see how it goes and how much the audience likes it. Nike Basketball has released a set of ten limited editions LeBron 15 PEs. There will be multiple colorways that are available to purchase on October 4 at select retail shops or online via Nike.com. The stock may run out, so make sure to get your hands on a pair!

Despite the competition from other shoe manufacturing companies, as well as the growing complexity of the gaming console market, designers from Sony and Nike collaborated closely to quickly develop new shoes. He wanted a high-tech sneaker, with a Nike logo on the tongue and an Apple on the other. At the grand unveiling of the PlayStation in 1995, Nike unveiled their new Air Penny II, which had been designed strictly for use with a PlayStation game controller and included an adapter for controlling a game character in games such as “NBA Jam”.

Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) has collaborated with sportswear brand Puma to create an official line of PlayStation-branded sneakers with designs inspired by the PS5, the company’s upcoming video game console. Ultimately, the reason why these sneakers won’t be as memorable or sought after is that they aren’t as special. The design doesn’t go beyond standard basketball sneakers and the tech isn’t super innovative.

Even though the PS5 won’t be out for a while, people are buying the ‘pre-orders’ anyway. The price is just $120, but it’s getting a lot of attention because it’s so cheap compared to the cost of what will probably be a real PlayStation 5 console when it comes out. The newest creation from Nike designer George Lois, the PG5 is the 5th incarnation of his highly successful Nike franchise. The PG5 is the DNA of the “PG,” a sneaker that has been reimagined for a new generation of athletes. And it will help them be their best.

While the Power Grip 5 and Sony may simply seem like two great brands combining for one great product, this particular collaboration presented its own unique set of challenges. After more than a decade working together, Nike and Sony came together to create the limited edition PG5—a new silhouette for the next generation.

Then, to make matters more strenuous, Nike approached Sony at a time when nobody outside the Japanese tech giant knew what its next-gen console looks like. Sony was not keen on any outside vendor telling their story. And we all know how Sony loves to keep those secrets close to their chest.

This was a logical move for Nike, as it’s a competitor to Microsoft. Basketball and gaming are both in the same industry and market.

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