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Sony will partner with Discord to offer new ways for gamers to communicate.


Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. today announced a new partnership with Discord that will enable PlayStation owners who have linked their PlayStation Network accounts to their Discord account to communicate and interact with friends on Discord directly from the PlayStation system. This new addition will be surely a huge boost for all the gamers as now they would be able to communicate and chat with their team partners. This feature will surely take gaming to a new level. Today Sony Corporation announced a new partnership with the Entertainment Software Association to bring the popular gaming platform Discord to its PlayStation consoles in 2022. This decision to allow Discord access to the PlayStation makes sense as Sony continues to expand its reach into the video game market.

Sony made the announcement on Monday, revealing its plans for what it hopes will be a groundbreaking innovation in modern-day gaming. This new edition will feature “experimental” voice communication in upcoming versions of the app. Sony’s decision to integrate its chat app with PlayStation Network (PSN) is seen as a significant move to counter the growth of global competitors. All the gamers are excited about the new update and features but still, it would take some time for the gamers to adapt it and use it.

While Sony hasn’t specified the details of its partnership with Discord, a company spokesperson said that the two companies are “hard at work connecting Discord with your social and gaming experience on PlayStation Network.” Sony’s own voice chat tools for its PlayStation consoles are somewhat lacking in comparison to Discord. It remains unclear how much support Discord will have with Sony’s platforms; the company simply mentioned that the partnership would open the door for gamers to take the ‘Discord experience’ elsewhere.

Earlier Messaging app startup Discord had reportedly held acquisition talks with Microsoft earlier this year, but those discussions failed to materialize into a deal, and Discord now says it would prefer to remain independent. Microsoft Xbox Game Pass and Sony PlayStation Plus represent a business strategy of focusing on subscription services to expand existing user bases and attract new users while it faces tough competition from new entrants such as Google Stadia.

Discord integrates with Xbox Live to make it easier and more pleasant to play with friends, family, and like-minded individuals. Now you can see at a glance what your friends or followers are playing via your Discord profile. Sony’s new partnership with Discord, its online gaming community platform, has been considered a particularly big deal by gamers given that it could possibly pave the way for developers to seamlessly sync gameplay on its PlayStation Network and Discord.

Sony Interactive Entertainment boss Jim Ryan announced that the company is planning to bring some of its video game products closer together in order to offer gamers more convenient and versatile services. Sony has just bought stakes in the lightweight messaging application called Discord. You may use Discord to connect with your friends, play games, and upload images and videos related to a variety of topics. Let’s see how it goes in the future.

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