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Are You Ready For More Action? Start Playing Call Of Duty Modern Warfare Warzone With Friends On Ps5!


It’s time for another season of battling back in the Crucible to prove your worth as the best, and you’re going to love all the new changes we have in store for you. Battle royale is back, and this time, it’s better than ever. With cross-play capabilities across consoles and an immersive blend of futuristic tech and Black Ops II weapons available for the taking, you have the chance to leave your battle mark on a battlefield unlike any other. This update will mark a significant point for the game, bringing all of Black Ops 4’s content into the battle royale mode.

The third and latest season of this popular action game is here with new content. There are 7 new operators, each having a backstory, and a map called Chalet in addition to the old ones. It’s been months since the events of Season 2 and after a difficult struggle to defeat the Black Tusk, the three factions are now in pursuit of an enigmatic outlaw known as Perseus. We’re excited to announce the launch of Season 3! Along with fresh content and gameplay, we’ve got some exciting new stories for you to explore.

Season 3 begins on April 22, 2021. The new season unlocks over 100 new rewards including a glowing banner and rare skins. This pass is available to purchase now in the Fortnite store. Week by week, they will be giving you new challenges, new quests, and new ways to earn rewards. “April 22 is finally here, which means that you’re ready to begin on your Battle Pass. The new Battle Pass will let you take part in brand-new missions and unlock loot for the first time in the history of ‘Fortnite’” Says the CEO of the gamers.

Professional developers Cloud Imperium and Amazon have an ongoing commitment to creating an enjoyable playing experience that’s free from cheating. We make good on this promise by issuing new waves of bans against any players caught cheating or hacking. It’s important to us that all players have a fair chance to win in our games. New Season 3 Operators include; Wraith, Knight, and Antonov. There is also a new version of Captain Price.

Following in the footsteps of his predecessor comes a bold new look for Price. This modern military hero is ready to decimate his enemies with mid-20th century gadgets and weaponry. The Wraith is a former Norwegian Intelligence Services alpine warfare specialist. He wraps up his prey with razor-thin mono-filament wire. He really likes to catch Guardians around urban areas and tall cliffs because it adds to the challenge. Wraith is the sort of person who’s always grinning, whether he’s chewing on a cigar or lighting up a row of adversaries with a hail of assault rifle fire.

A pared-down submachine gun packing an insane punch, the PPSH-41 is a fan favorite. Available as a Mythic weapon at Tier 15 of the Battle Pass, the Swiss K31 Sniper Rifle now has an increased fire rate and can be found worldwide! You can add it to your arsenal permanently for Emblem Blockchain Event tokens. The Ballistic Knife has been added to Black Ops 4 in Blackout and will be coming to the Warzone around mid-season.

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