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Let’s talk about what’s new in the latest version of NEXTiBot powered by NEXT Protocol.


Technology has changed so much in recent times that no one would have thought that something would be possible in the future. Technology has just updated so much that now it’s difficult to remain without them. In today’s time, you just need to click a button, and boom you have got the services you need. Technology has been ruling the human minds in these recent times. In this artificial intelligence, computerization, and robotics world, achieving healthcare’s goals is more critical. Machine technology has changed the way we think about the world and how we live. It has become a valuable part of our everyday lives. With sophisticated modern technology, our machines work in sync to save you time and energy while keeping your home or business truly clean.

A new research report added to the vast repository of Market Research Hub (MRH) reveals that the global service robotics market size would reach $23.90 Billion by 2022. The market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 15.18% between 2016 and 2022. Robots are redefining how we do business and help make everyday tasks a whole lot easier. The innovative technology is also being used in the medical and healthcare sector, education, research, and facilities management.

The medical and healthcare sector is expected to grow at a robust CAGR over the coming years owing to factors such as an increased number of startups focusing on drug discovery, personalized medicine, and medical equipment manufacturing.

The demand for service robots in healthcare, defense, and agriculture is rapidly increasing. Many countries around the world are trying to develop their own service robots. This trend is likely to continue given the need for high-quality and specialized care at a low cost, which cannot be provided by humans. The world is moving towards a service robot-driven future. Service robots are of particular importance for industrial sectors such as transportation, healthcare, and agriculture.

NEXT Protocol combines a decentralized community of users and developers. Together, the network reboots the consumer robotics industry, redefining how we imagine robots to be used.NEXTiBOT, driven by NEXT Protocol, uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning so that you can talk to us as much or as little as you like. We’ll make sure you always have the data you need when you want it. Service robots are used to improve efficiency in daily life and contribute to the growth of the Service Robotics industry.

The Robot Gaming revolution brought to you by the NEXT Protocol is set to change the way we all play and interact with games by creating a more meaningful experience for players, as well as a rewarding one.

“We’re extremely thrilled to introduce NEXT-iBot, our latest innovative technology in Robot Assistant Line. This technology will surely make our lives more convenient and help simplify the tedious tasks we usually encounter as part of our daily routines.” Said the officials of the company.

NEXT, IT and Systems is a hand-picked team of highly experienced professionals who have proved their mettle in this rapidly growing industry. They’re the forward-thinkers who dare to defy the norms of business, and they have positively disrupted the economy with their vision for a new type of platform.

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