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Meet Trombia, the smiley trashcan-like robot that will soon roam the streets of Helsinki cleaning up the dirty mess!


Keeping our surroundings clean is one of the most essential tasks for everyone. But what if the same task could be done by a machine Or a robot by just ordering them? Wouldn’t it be much better? Well, now you can do it. Finland is the home of the sauna and the most reputed mobile manufacturers in the world. Now Finland aims to help make its streets cleaner with the new pilot project of robot street cleaners. Finland is becoming known as a smart country. With a robot street cleaner project in the pipeline, Finland is aiming to be a world leader in robotic technology.

Beginning from April 19, the robot is considered one of the best in the business. With its new features, it would be able to do all the cleaning work and it offers some amazing services in it. Trombia Free is a street sweeper that autonomously drives through clean streets, picking up any object in its path. It saves more than 15% of the energy required for traditional street sweeping operations. It is also in its technical specification that it consumes very little energy as compared to other sweeping machines.

It doesn’t count as a car, so is more localized than other larger sanitizers. The sweeper is about the size of a compact car. It can be used in areas as large as full-sized kitchens and bathrooms. It sucks up dust, dirt, and even pet hair without subjecting you to the fumes or messes that often come with the job. The lift cart is a tidy little vacuum cleaner, with dimensions that rival those of a passenger car.

With the power to clean up to 35 tons, this world-class cleaner can remove up to 70% of the solids found in municipal wastewater. It also does not harm the environment since it does not produce any harmful emissions in the process of its operation. It is designed with a removable body that makes it easy to access and maintain. The operator and maintenance-friendly features of the machine make cleaning more convenient.

“We see no reason why autonomous and electric street sweepers can’t be used in the streets – during the day, at night, or whenever it’s required. We are ready to help the authorities clean their cities clean.” Said the officials of the company who are going to use it. At the heart of Nokia’s smart city initiative is the street sweeper, an autonomous, electric vehicle designed to help clean urban streets. With 3D sensing capabilities and advanced navigation systems, the street sweeper can operate independently in a city environment.

Jätkäsaari is the home of ambitious projects arising from everyday reality. The residents of Jätkäsaari are leading the way with their smart innovations about how we live, work, and travel.“Innovative solutions, like the one designed by Forum Virium, have great potential to create greener, more comfortable cities, at the same time ensuring the business community is satisfied with the urban environment,” says the staff that is going to use the machine for the betterment of the society.

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