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Need new Gaming Triggers? OnePlus Gaming Triggers Might Be The Ones For You!


Gaming has become one of the most positive stuff in these times. In the times of covid, gaming is what keeps you inside your homes. Gaming has become an integral part of the life of most people. But for gaming, you need some special stuff. One of them is the Gaming Triggers which has been so much essential for all the gamers. The people at OnePlus know you love your games, and with these new gaming triggers, you can take your game to the next level. The experience will be much better with it than the rest of the gaming triggers.

Widely considered to be the future of mobile gaming, the OnePlus Gaming Triggers were first teased at the launch of OnePlus Studio and had since been a feature luring every phone gamer out there. This new gaming accessory from OnePlus is designed specifically for the Google Pixel 3 and will deliver commands with ease thanks to its minimalistic design. It is compatible with other android devices such as Samsung Galaxy S9, Huawei P20 Pro, etc.

The Gaming Triggers let you play on the phone just like a console. The switching side never feels awkward because it’s located on the back of the device. Playing with friends is easy because the cost-free controller is easy to install, then to another device in seconds. Our patent-pending Gaming Triggers make gaming on a smartphone more comfortable and fun than ever before!

The Gaming Triggers are listed on the OnePlus store. The announcement of the accessory was however made via a tweet by Pete Lau. The image also includes how the triggers look like along with their price. The gaming triggers are listed on the online store for Rs.249 ($3).  The triggers are available for purchase right away, but their announcement is however made via a tweet by Lau which includes a subtle introduction and images of the triggers.

OnePlus added vibration motors to the Gaming Buttons, so they communicate with your touchscreen for faster reactions. Our capacitive touch keys use a new technology to communicate with your touchscreen, ensuring there’s no disruption in your interaction. With Gaming Trigger Auto Activation, you can launch your favorite applications or games through our Gaming Center without even unlocking your phone.

Supposedly, the OnePlus Gaming Triggers use Omron switches for tactile feedback. These switches are renowned for delivering OnePlus Gaming Triggers use tactile feedback for increased gaming speed and accuracy. When it comes to gaming on your phones, you don’t want anything slowing you down. No matter what kind of gamer you are, the Gaming Triggers are built for everyone. incredibly responsive reactions in a short time so you can destroy your enemies faster.

You don’t have to be a professional gamer to love the OnePlus Gaming Triggers. Designed for shooting games, these super lightweight and ergonomic triggers help you navigate your phone with ease. As the latest entry in their “Never Settle” mantra, OnePlus is ready to offer gamers a complete experience within the ever-growing mobile gaming community. The new Gaming Triggers allow for a more immersive and precise gaming experience.

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