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Xiaomi to return to the tablet segment with three new tablets having mediatek dimensity chipsets


A few years back, if you have to talk about tablets, then, it might not have grabbed enough attention. It was going out of fashion, only, iPad was sustaining a certain kind of positive image. But, things have changed now. Covid-19 pandemic has created an opening for the tablet industry. The reason for this surge in demands for tablets was clearly understood. It was becoming difficult to hold meetings, classes, and conferences on a small smartphone screen. It’s exhausting.

Keeping this in mind, tech. manufacturers emphasized producing more tablets. Traditionally speaking, there are some old brands that have taken a considerable amount of market share when it comes to sales. Huawei is one of them. Especially in China, Huawei has a huge user base. Samsung is also dominating the market to an extent. And undoubtedly, the one and only iPad has a space of its own.

Considering the above-mentioned scenario, it has become increasingly difficult for new players to enter the market. However, tech players with strong potential like Xiaomi and Lenovo are rising up to the mark. The reason for Xiaomi’s popularity is that it never compromises the quality of its products. History is evident of this fact. Although in the past the company has been more focused on producing smartphones.

According to a recent report, the Chinese company is going to launch three tablets this year. The report suggested that all of them will be having a Snapdragon-8 series chip. And at least, one of them will have a Snapdragon 860 SoC.

Details of the upcoming devices (as per the leak!)


The tablets have been classified into different categories and they are given certain designations(codenames). The three upcoming tablets are expected to be codenamed with model numbers K81, K81A, and K82 respectively.

Not enough information is available concerning the specifics of the tablets. Nevertheless, they’re expected to feature IPS displays with a 2560 x 800 resolution with a 120Hz refresh rate. Some tech reviewers suggest that there has been an error in the report and the resolution will be more than 2560 x 800. Adding to this, these displays will have a brightness level of 410 nits.

Reportedly, Models K81 and K81A will most likely be equipped with the all-powerful Snapdragon 870. On the other hand, model K82 is anticipated to feature a Snapdragon 860 processor.

Conventionally, tablets are not known for their photographic abilities, but, the upcoming tablets will be defying all the ‘conventions’. The K81’s main camera sensor, according to the leaks, will be equipped with a resolution 48Mpx. Concerning the other two models, they may feature a camera with a resolution of 12Mpx. It is confirmed that all three of them will have four rear cameras.

As per Xiaomi’s customs, it is expected that these devices will be initially launched in China, prior to the global launch. It is known that the Chinese company has a huge user base in India, so it will be exciting to see when the tablets are going to be launched in India. According to data, in 2020, Xiaomi had a market share of 25.65 percent in India and was the largest vendor by market share.

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