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Purple iPhone 12: Is it wise to buy a phone just because you liked the colour?


Iphones are often considered as one of the topmost phones on the list and they have launched another product that is also on the top. But the main question that is in front of all is that the color of the phone has been taken as the top priority while buying it. The purple color has been taking the audience in their way while many of them are ignoring the features that are coming with it. The iPhone 12 with purple color has been on a roll in the market.

Apple just released a “deep purple” version of the iPhone for you to buy, which seems pretty cool. And now, the next shade of the color gorgeous is. The new color for a phone is purple. Its timing is six months after Apple launched the iPhone 12 series and about six months away from the rumored iPhone 13.

This month you can get the 6th color for your iPhone. Purple. All the style. All the features. Equipped with Google Assistant. Purple is the new color for the iPhone 12 and 12 Mini. The iPhone 12 comes in black, white, blue, green, Product Red, and now purple.

The new color is a punchy purple (magenta), which can be chosen as an accent on the back for iPhones 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max. Depending on the colors chosen, there are also options with the phone’s sports white or gray finishes. The phones can be had in shades of silver, gold, and the new purple (you can already get that color on the iPhone XR and XS).

The eye-catching iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Mini come in purple, green, or yellow and are available in most countries starting April 30. The iPhone 12 and 12 mini are the new phones at the Apple event. The iPhone 12 is available in 6 colors including lilac and silver, with a size of 5.8 inches. When you buy a new iPhone 12 in purple, don’t be surprised if it’s exactly like any other iPhone 12 or 12 Mini that you have unboxed before. Apple is trying to reduce the environmental impact of its packaging, and the outer box is now thinner than it used to be.

The iPhone 12, which can be bought in purple, is exactly the same as other models except for its (standard) lighter purple box. It comes with a Lightning to USB–C cable, which you can use for charging or to connect your new phone to older accessories. Apple doesn’t include wired headphones or a wall charger in the box anymore.

When the iPhone 12 was first released, there were a few people that were not as happy with the deep purple color. But when I looked deeper into it, it changed my perspective. The new purple color has more depth to it and is more vibrant, but still maintains a positive vibe to it. The iPhone 12 contains all of the same specifications as the original iPhone 12, making it an easy pick for those who may be looking to upgrade to the newest phone. We’ve seen the purple iPhone before, but there’s something special about this one. It seems brighter and friendlier than the iPhone 11.

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