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The upcoming Samsung Galaxy Z Fold E is expected to be cheaper than Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2


Samsung’s upcoming device Galaxy Z Fold E is expected to be launched in December 2021(tentative) in India. Speculation is a very common practice in the smartphone reviewing community. As soon as it is hinted that a new device is about to hit the market, charts and comparative analysis are ready to be served.

It was known that Z Fold E is going to be launched somewhere around this year, that’s why Samsung’s 2020 launched device Galaxy Z Fold 2, was chosen to be its counterpart. Apart from specification, special emphasis was given to the price tag and it was concluded that the upcoming device is going to be cheaper than the previous one.

Both of the devices are from the same brand, therefore, it’s nothing like a competition. But the comparison with one’s own previous products creates a sense of internal competition and arises the need to come up with something better.

Let’s get into some details and specifics of both smartphones, beginning with the upcoming one.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold E (Rumored Specs)

It is expected that Samsung Galaxy Z Fold E will run on Android v11. It will be powered by a 4500 mAh battery, allowing you to play games and videos for a longer time without drainage. According to unknown sources, it was tipped that the device will come up with 12 GB of RAM and 256 GB of internal storage.

Camera: The device is rumored to feature a dual-camera setup on the rear side. A 12 MP + 12 MP + 12 MP is expected to enhance the photographic abilities. In a device like this, features such as Auto Zoom/flash/sensors are considered given. Well, for your selfies, it is believed that a 10 MP + 10 MP setup will be provided.

It will be coming up most probably with an octa-core processor. Finally, the device is expected to somewhere around Rs 149,000.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold was launched in 2020. Soon after the launch, it picked up steam and was considered one of the most sought-after foldable phones out there. The creative efforts of Samsung in this device were quite explicit invisibility. One of the most loved features of this device was its ability to multitask. According to many reviews, creating app pairs and launching three applications simultaneously was quite easy. Dragging and dropping the content was also made very smooth due to this feature.

Specification like the camera, processor, and other such elements is similar to the ‘upcoming’ device. But, its versatility stole the show. The display can be accessed through different angles.

This device made a better impression in the market as compared to its predecessor Galaxy Fold. The possible reason for that is its larger exterior display. The popular Flex Mode of the device is still talked about.

Conclusively, the upcoming Galaxy Z Fold E is going to have certain improvements, as far as the software is concerned. Otherwise, you’ll not witness any major difference as per the tips and hints we’ve received yet. That might be the reason why the price tag of the new model is somewhat similar to that of its predecessor. Let’s wait and watch.

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