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Are Tiktok uploads Broken? Users not able to post.


One of the most popular video platforms all over the world has been suddenly stated as broken. What has happened to the Tiktok? Many users have complained that they are not able to upload videos that have been also trending on Twitter for a long time. Though the officials of the platform have been looking into the matter and have stated that it’s just a minor bug and will be fixed soon. But this problem has certainly left a question mark on the working of the most popular platform.

TikTok is a social video app where you can create, watch and share videos with friends and family.

“Good morning, TikTok fans! Many of you have reported issues with your uploads today. Our team is working hard to solve these problems. In the meantime, keep using the app as you normally would and we’ll update you when the problem is resolved. (Meanwhile, try to get through this by singing a song or something.)” Said by the officials of the app as they are trying their best to solve the ongoing issue.

While they are aware some users are facing issues with uploading videos to their profile, the development team is working hard to ensure these problems are resolved. Recognizing the problem, a spokesperson for TikTok has confirmed that it is aware of the issues and is working on an immediate solution to resolve them. As of yet, the problem has not been identified.

A sudden spike in social media reports about the outage ignited a firestorm on Twitter, which made it appear even more widespread than it was.TikTok has had some technical difficulties when uploading and sharing, the issue only impacts the users by reducing the visibility of their videos.

The speed and number of posts have led to some problems. The site crashed and the error message that what was posted was already shared 900K times appeared underneath tweets from some users. The process of how the reports are generated is explained in the FAQ. For this reason, there was a delay between the verdict and the uptick in reports.

The previous bugs or faults that were going on in the app were fixed by the creators and were very confident that these things won’t happen again. But just after few days the users have experienced another problem in the app which has led the users to get angry and disappointed with them.

Though it is believed that creators are trying their best to resolve the problem as soon as possible but the time taken would be of days and not even hours which will increase the disappointment of users. Tiktok has been one of the biggest platforms for reels and videos and everyone gets attached to it once they download the app on their phones.

Let’s hope that the issue gets resolved soon and the users can again enjoy the reels without any bugs or problems within the app. But only creators can let this happen by maintaining regular service and giving updates on it at a good pace.

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