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Google planning to introduce a ‘trash bin’ feature in Android 12 for deleted files

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Google seems to be working on a feature for Android 12 that will remind you of Windows operating systems. Yes, recent reports by XDA developers suggest that Android will come up with a ‘trash bin’ feature, just like our old school ‘recycle bin.’ After the first Android 12 preview by Google, XDA was doing some code digging and accumulating verified leaks, all of it suggests the same.

Android users might be wondering that this feature already existed in Android 11. Well, yes and no. In Android 11, users would delete the file, and, it will remain there for a period of 30 days. After that, it will be like dust in the air. There was no such ‘centralized’ system when it comes to the deletion of files.

As soon as you’ll tap on the ‘bin’ icon. A dialogue box will appear, giving out details of occupied space by deleted files. And from there on, you can clear up space, in the words of Microsoft, “Empty recycle bin?”

Initially, when Android got a ‘trash interface’ in 11, it was not actually deleting but hiding the files. That’s one of the reasons why Google came up with this trashing mechanism in its new version of Android. In Android 11, recovering the deleted files was also a major issue. Interestingly, according to the settings XDA recovered, is not offering recovery of files either. But individual file management apps — like Google’s — could.

Things with the Android 12 deletion system are not as easygoing as the Windows operating system. The complications of hidden files, deleting them, and recovering them create a systematic mess.

To summarise this complicated trashing mechanism, Android 12 and Google’s own Files app ‘might’ support trashing and recovering files. This statement does not indicate that every application in your OS will be supportive of this feature.

For regular Android users, this development might be a little unnecessary, but it might be an interesting feature for some.

More about the update

As per the reports by XDA, the upcoming OS is dubbed as “Snow Cone” internally. It should be noted that the details mentioned are pretty much authentic, but not confirmed officially.

Reportedly, Google is also working on redesigning the whole theme. Adding to this, the notification panel will also receive some subtle changes. The rounded corners are way more pronounced. A few shape changes are also visible, however, the “conversations” section is still separated from other notifications.

According to tech reviewers, the home screen looks a bit different than it was in Android 11. Some say that the screen view shows a little reflection of iOS 13. A document discovered by XDA indicates that “Conversations”, from now on, will be a compulsory feature for all Android 12 devices.

Apart from all of this, one of the most important updates which come with Android 12 is ‘privacy’ enhancement. A privacy icon will be there at the top right corner of your screen, the job of which is to make you aware of all the permissions and details related to ‘accessibility’.

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