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Huge shock for gamers! Lord of the Rings MMO Game cancelled by Amazon


The previous year wasn’t much good for gamers and the starting of this year is also the same as the previous one. Many new games that were set to be released have been either postponed or canceled due to the ongoing pandemic. Another sad news for gamers is that Amazon has canceled the release of the “Lord of the Rings MMO game”. After releasing a statement in press in 2019, Amazon confirmed the release of the game but now they have stated that the game will not feature in the market and has been canceled.

The official trailer of the game was launched earlier. It looked like the graphics and storyline of the game would be the one that all the gamers were looking for for a long time. But sadly, the game has been now canceled and it has broken so many hearts that one can’t even say.

According to reports, Jeff Bezos’s e-commerce empire has been forced to pull the plug on a ‘Lord of the Rings’ game as it tries to avoid the pitfalls that have befallen similar projects. The game has also received regular updates alongside its parent project; as of the time of this writing, “Grand Theft Auto Online” has released seven major content updates, plus multiple minor ones.

Sauron’s forces have amassed, forging weapons and armor to spread evil across the land. The future of Middle-Earth is looking grim. But luckily, you were chosen by our Fellowship as the captain of our armies, so honor us and put on your best suit of armor.

Amazon is a Fortune 500 company that has expanded its retail operations to include technology products, including Kindle devices, Fire TV, and smart-home devices such as the Amazon Echo, and a former subsidiary is in the business of cloud computing.

Amazon Game Studios is proud to present New World, a massively multiplayer online role-playing game set in an entirely new world with dozens of cultures dating back millennia, dozens of classes, a dynamic ecosystem, and robust crafting.

Due to the fact that it was no longer “cool” to watch The Lord of the Rings, the show was canceled. However, Amazon prime’s The Lord of the Rings series as well as Warner Brother’s Lord of the Rings.

“We’ve created a world where players are free to do anything we’ve given them the ability to build their own worlds – personalize each object and character inside their world. We want it to be the best game ever made.” add the creators.

Amazon is continuously breaking new ground, making innovative products and aggressively expanding its digital offerings. Now it’s entered the category of video games through a studio called Amazon Game Studios.

This intention of Amazon’s is no secret to anyone. Entertainment is considered the biggest industry after its original intention to become the world’s distribution channel. “If we stay focused on what matters most,” stated CEO Andy Jassy in his recent announcement. “That means we think about delighting customers with our art, our technology, and our services.”

With the cloud computing business, Amazon’s video gaming division is not the right fit for its soaring growth.

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