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Fans are excited as Konami launches Action Series game named GetsuFumaDen: Undying Moon!


Action games always bring a sense of excitement and an atmosphere of suspense among the gamers. Now the gamers will be having another game to add to their gaming department. Konami, a Japanese Gaming company is all set to release an action game which will be known as “GetsuFumaDen: Undying Moon“. The game will be released on Switch and PC. After a long time, gamers will be getting a new game and their excitement says it all.

The official trailer of the game was launched by the company. Seeing the trailer it can be expected that the storyline and graphics are going to be of top-level.

“We’re bringing the original classic to modern platforms with all-new features, settings, and online play on PC and Nintendo Switch. The classic-style graphics of the 1998 version have been partially updated in 3D by returning members of the original development team.” Said the owners of the company in a press release. GetsuFumaDen is a 2D action game that follows the Frog Samurai Getsu on a quest to deliver an important message.

After not having to think about the gates of hell for centuries, you receive a phone call from your childhood friend. It seems that the seal on the Gates of Hell is broken temporarily, and the demons continue to terrorize your beloved hometown. He asks you to help him to defeat them.

Deep within the demon world, a mysterious force beckoned to the Emperor – with temptation impossible to resist, he committed an unspeakable crime, and the long-sealed ancient demons were unleashed upon the human realm!

We’ve also added a lot of replayability with randomized rooms and upgrades. That way, no matter how many times you start a new game, you won’t know exactly what to expect.

The Japanese underworld is one of the traditional realms. It is both a source of terrifying struggle and beautiful harmony, as these two worlds intersect to create something unique.

As players embark on over 70 hours of gameplay, they will also encounter a colorful cast of characters that add humor to the story. Additionally, Ninja Theory’s signature storytelling techniques are showcased through animated cutscenes and gameplay that seamlessly transitions from cutscene to combat sequence.

Konami Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd. (KDE) will continue to release titles under its strong lineup of brands, including Pro Evolution Soccer and Metal Gear, as well as mobile games such as World Soccer Collection. There are no changes to the production of titles of our development partners, either.

For the past 30 years, Konami has created some of the world’s most successful games, thanks to our loyal and talented employees who give their all.

The game, a reprisal of the previously exclusive Super Bomberman R, will also be available on other gaming platforms as well.

Undoubtedly a cult classic, Getsu Fuuma Den was recently re-released on Nintendo’s Virtual Console, giving it a new lease of life while simultaneously giving players globally the chance to experience this rare game for the first time ever.

Getsu Fūma Den was only available in Japan on the Famicom, but now you have a chance to play this game whenever you want!


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