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LG’s $89,000 Rollable OLED R TV Is Now Available To Buy


Finally, the much-awaited LG’s flagship rollable OLED R television is available in the US. After its first sighting at CES, people across the world were waiting for the fascinating television set to be out there in the market.

The most important feature of TV, also one of the major reasons for its popularity, is its ‘rollability’. Yes, you can roll the television screen up and down with a simple click.

If you’re in the mood of watching a movie, then roll it down. Once you’re done, roll it up, clearing up the occupied space. There’s also a middle setting, known as the Line view. It looks like a dashboard, displaying time, date, and shades of lights.

Somewhat counterintuitively, this television set might be a good choice for you, also it is available stateside. But, its enormous price tag is quite unrealistic as per the general American public buying standards. The specific details regarding the price couldn’t be found on LG’s North American website. However, the sale of this TV set in Korea is around 100 million KRW, which estimates to $89,000 USD. (approx.)

Nonetheless, if you feel like buying it or knowing more about the OLED set, then no place is better than LG’s official website.

All about OLED display technology

To begin with, let’s get to know what OLED stands for? OLED is an acronym for ‘Organic Light Emitting Diodes’. It is a flat light emitting technology. It is made by placing few thin organic films in the middle of two conductors. As soon as the electric current is passed, a bright light is emitted. Not so traditionally, OLEDs don’t require a backlight, as they are emissive displays. Because of this, these displays are comparatively thinner and more efficient than conventional LCD displays. It should be noted that LCD displays do require a white backlight.

According to various tests taken, OLED displays are providing top-notch image quality as compared to other products in the mainstream television market.

In the future, this technology is only going to get better. As we have discussed above, the LG’s rollable feature. It would not be a surprise when we get to see stretchable, foldable, and transparent television displays.

Most of the tech reviewers have done a comparative analysis between LCD and OLEDs. Not surprisingly, OLED displays are always leading. When it comes to picture quality, durability, color range, viewing angle, and lower power consumption, OLEDs are taking over.

LG is offering a wide range of OLED TVs. It ranges from basic to premium. But, considering the colossal price range the ‘basic’ is ‘premium’ and ‘premium’ is ‘super premium’.

However, despite the massive price range, almost all of the reviewers have given the OLED display a big thumbs up, praising its super magnificent picture qualities.

Many TV makers have made an argument that the cost incurred in producing an OLED is way more than that of an LCD. However, looking at the potential and simpler design of the OLEDs, the cost is going to decrease over time. Prominent TV manufacturers, all over the world, are figuring out ways to cut costs and produce more OLED technology. The reason for this is because they’ve clearly recognized the potential behind this display technology.

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