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Instagram’s new update ; lets you to hide the number of Like count.


Instagram has become one of the most popular social media among today’s generation. It has almost replaced Facebook in terms of popularity and fame. They have been doing experiments with the platform. Earlier they introduced reels after the Tik-Tok was banned and now they have introduced another new feature in which you can hide the number of likes on a particular picture. This feature hasn’t been introduced on any social media platform.

We want your experience on the app to be the best possible. That’s why we’re trying out a new feature that will let you hide your “like count.” We’ll start testing it out with a few people, then make it available to everyone soon! A bug on Instagram had led to the count of likes not showing up for a few users, which was reported by many users.

We know that some people are concerned about what others think of their posts, so we have an update that will give you more control over your posts. Now, you have the option to turn off likes and comments on your posts, just like you can on stories. If you turn this off, only people you have approved to follow will be able to see your likes and comments on posts. The setting is located in Settings>Privacy>Posting To Instagram.

We care about your experience under the new algorithm and we acknowledge that some users are frustrated by the changes. We want you to enjoy Instagram and connect with people you care about—this is at the heart of why we exist.

Recently, Instagram began testing a feature to hide the number of likes received on posts. Due to a bug, the feature extended to many more accounts around the world than we intended, and we didn’t catch it in time. We thought it was still useful and made the decision to keep it around.


“Thanks again for enjoying our app! We’re working on several new features, but it’s not always easy to know what’s coming next. If you have any suggestions or questions, feel free to email us anytime. We set out to build a product people would love, and after thousands of designs and revisions we’re proud to share it with you.” The official added to their statement released after the experiment was completed.

“We’re testing a new option of Facebook[1] that lets you decide how much information you want to give to other people. We’re testing a few different options, from keeping original experience, to being more transparent where everyone can see your like counts. Don’t forget, it’s simple to turn off the option and go back to the regular experience on your News Feed[2] if you want.” But this feature will be tested after everything goes well.

Now, you can choose whether or not your post displays the number of likes it has received. If you’d prefer not to show the number of likes on a post, you can turn the feature off completely. If you’re looking for a more accurate way to see if your posts are reaching the people who matter to you, we’ve added a feature that will show you how many people have seen your posts combined with an older post.

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