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Sonic Adventure Dream Edition; The best of all Remakes!


Sonic has been delivering games for the past few years and always brings nostalgia for old gamers. They never fail to amaze us and this time too with their new game it is considered to be the best of all. A 3D action-adventure platformer from the ‘90s is getting a gorgeous fan-made makeover on PlayStation 5.

Recently, though, Sonic has experienced quite the renaissance following the release of several hit games that have garnered widespread critical acclaim. Sonic the Hedgehog started off as a rival to Mario on SEGA consoles but has also appeared on Nintendo platforms.

Many Sonic fans preferred the 2D over the 3D and some consider the franchise dead. However, Sonic Mania, which was released on August 15, 2017, is considered by many critics to be one of the more well-received games in the series. What makes this game stand out is that it feels not only like a love letter to those who grew up with Sonic, but also acts as a remake of what Sonic could have been; had SEGA and Sonic Team put in work.

What were once the glory days of the franchise have become a distant memory. It’s a painful thought. The blue sphere mascot that was once Sega’s crown jewel represented itself in a fun, fast-paced style that could be enjoyed by all ages. But then, Sonic began to lose popularity with gamers. That’s what makes Sonic so great, that’s why it has such a strong following. Not all the games are going to be hit, but the franchise keeps moving forward, consistently improving the series.

Launched in early access roughly a year ago, the Dreamverse is an active and amazing game world. Its creators constantly interact with their players, and they have developed innovative new ways to interact. Here is something that any game developer should know about The DreamVerse. It’s a fun way to discover new games, whether they’re gems you missed the first time around or new favorites. It’s like finding cool stuff on a cool website.

The number of levels created since the game’s release is just unbelievable. Many aspiring creators are showing their best work and others are breathing new life into older levels. Yes, the game is essentially an evolution of a free mod, but the changes are much more than skin-deep. There’s now a proper single-player campaign to play through, plus new content for multiplayer fans too. The effort is charmingly naive – it unfolded like some kind of glorious and unexpected surprise gift – but there’s real ambition and passion behind it all.

Mirror’s Edge is a game about running and jumping from building to building. Run across rooftops, make daring jumps, climb the tallest skyscrapers and do it all in style without ever touching the ground.

Sonic has had many great adventures over the years, and Sonic Forces give him a chance to show off his supercharged skills and abilities.

The imaginative world of Sonic has released an all-new adventure for Nintendo Switch. The classic feel of Sonic is back with lightning-fast gameplay and iconic spin dash moves.

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