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Days Gone 2 Cancelled; Still hope as Director says “Keep the Hope!”


Everyone gets excited when they get to know that the series or game they liked earlier is getting its new part or new chapter. Because you have your emotions connected to it and the excitement you had while watching or playing it. Same was in the case of Days Gone, the game was a hit on the PlayStation platform. It features amazing graphics and storyline which just had the audience to appreciate it. But now the Sony has confirmed that the Days Gone 2 isn’t in the production. But he has also said not to loose hope due to it’s increasing demand.

Despite the fact that he let a few things go on his sequence grade about proposals for a huge virtual system and also heavily indicated that sales of the principal contest might not have been sufficient to convince Sony to record it, it would appear Sony is hoping to not miss another hit using this specific game.In Days Gone 2 you will team up with a friend to fight off the undead- for good this time.

Although there were some flaws, he impressed Sony by inventing a new method to the tournament containing virtual reality. If he changes something, Sony might give him permission to make another tournament.Ross declared in a press release that he would be leaving Benjamin last year. Ross cited creative differences as the reason for his departure.

In a statement delivered earlier this week, Sony affirmed that key personnel had effectively abandoned Bend and would not be focusing its attention on releasing Days Gone 2. People believe this is the result of a feud with Sony, which has prompted key personnel to leave. Popular groups have claimed to be focusing on the upcoming launches from Naughty Dog.

It is prosperous in that path and the neighborhood and performer acknowledgment have all agreed. Days Gone has sold additional copies than any tournament the headquarters has ever made.

The idea of a sequel to Days Gone never goes away. We can’t rule out the possibility that it will happen at some point in the future, especially when the game has sold nearly four million copies as of March 2019 with no announcement yet of any kind coming soon about the game.

Ross was quick to avoid answering any questions on the subject. He didn’t even said a single thing on when asked about the release date or anything close to the game. “I’m not sure what the public knows about whether or not this is actually happening. I think there’s been some hinting that it might happen but I can’t really confirm anything one way or the other. I don’t even know if it’s something that the public thinks is going to happen or if it’s something the public just wants to happen.” added the creators.

For now, it’s a wait and see game. It will be interesting to see if this possible narrative arc is taken up in the future. Players may enjoy hearing it play out as they take down NERO one step at a time.

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