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Amber Heard no longer in DCEU and Aquaman 2? What will be the impact of fight with Johnny Depp?


Normal fights are always seen between the co actors while shooting. But what if the fight gets so much heated that one has to leave the shooting of the particular movie or show in between? Speculations have been made that the Amber Heard would no longer be seen in DCEU and Aquaman 2 due to heated exchange of words between her and Johnny Depp. It is also speculated that Amber Heard also physically abused Johnny Depp which is shocking news for the industry and even for the fans of both the artists. Now no one knows what will happen in the future.

Last year, after being charged with abuse, the future of Amber Heard in the DC Extended Universe was in doubt. Because of this, Warner Bros. delayed Aquaman 2 by 10 months to re-write all the existing scripts to replace Jack Thorne’s original script with an entirely new one written by Will Beall and Geoff Johns, which was confirmed by Warner Bros., New Line Cinema, and DC Films later that year.

Johnny Depp is being accused of physically abusing his wife Amber Heard. Despite this fact, Depp has denied the allegations of abuse and said that it was a result of Heard’s past issues with substance abuse.Amber Heard has already been written out of the film “Aquaman” at Warner Bros.

The actress, a noted animal rights activist, was set to reprise her role as Mera alongside Jason Momoa in a follow-up to last year’s “Justice League” movie. The decision appears to be a direct response to Heard’s ongoing legal battle with estranged husband Johnny Depp regarding the actor’s alleged abuse and mistreatment of his dogs.

The case between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard has become even more intense as Heard urged the judge to deliver rulings in her favor, and Depp accused her of destroying his reputation.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, sources close to the situation have confirmed that reports of Amber Heard’s termination from Aquaman 2, and reports of her being replaced by actress Naomi Scott, are completely false.

When it was initially reported, the actress’ potential departure from Aquaman hadn’t made sense. From a production standpoint, the character of Mera is substantial to director James Wan’s DC Comics adaptation.

Calls for Amber Heard’s dismissal from Aquaman 2 was soon followed by reports that Warner Bros has requested Johnny Depp to leave his role as Grindelwald in the sequel.The petition created by the fans of Depp was to ensure that Heard’s part is re-written to be omitted in the film. The fans argued that it is entirely unjust to overlook Depp in this movie.

The Hollywood actor Johnny Depp has lost a High Court libel case against The Sun which he brought over stories claiming he was abusive to his ex-wife Amber Heard. The pirate of the Caribbean star, who played Grindelwald in the Fantastic Beasts film series, brought a £21m claim over nine stories published in April 2016. A judge ruled that some of the articles were not libellous.

His life has been in a mess in recent times and the the recent rifts have just added fuel to the fire. But lets see how Johnny Depp responds the the questions on him.

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