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Not The Ending Fans Expected For Attack On Titan. Now They Demand Isayama Cut


Fans have always been a crucial part in making a game or a show to get the topmost rating or declare it as a flop. Now also fans have been in anger due to the Titan’s “Rushed” Ending. The fans have been trending on Twitter regarding the ending and are not in a position to accept the defeat or the ending of their favorite Manga, Attack on Titan. They want the makers to continue the series and make it more interesting by adding new characters but the creators are in no mood to accept their demands and are looking to end it as soon as possible.

Everyone has an opinion on the Attack on Titan manga’s final chapter. After all, it was one of the biggest throwdowns in manga history that left fans with more questions than answers. In the end, although we lost some important and beloved heroes — Commander Erwin and Commander Hange, who were viciously murdered — the manga is thankfully not as brutal as its apocalyptic predecessor. Mikasa, Armin, Levi, Jean, Connie, Reiner, Annie, Pieck, and Gabi all survive Eren’s endgame.

Many of the cast from Attack on Titan survived. But they are constantly looking over their shoulder and adapting to life in a world where there are three times as many Titans. Not only does Eren Yeager manage to protect humanity from the Titans, but he also gets to live in a safe world.

In the ultimate chapter, a classic “All is Lost” moment occurs when the shining centipede at the root of the Titan curse transforms every Subject of Ymir surrounding it into a Pure Titan. Countless generations of the Fritz family have lived over a century thanks to a pedigree of supernaturally good health. But there’s a catch — the life of each generation is inextricably tied to the one they precede, and if you die before the next generation comes of age, the chain will be broken forever.

The Carriage Corps are easily hailed for transportation to the heart of the City, while the wounded are treated in luxurious medical tents before arriving at their own homes, those recovering well enough to endure the trip, and experts give a slide show on the first few days as a soldier. Thus making it a go game.

It is often said that the strongest bonds are forged in times of adversity. In Eren’s case, this saying rings especially true. While still an untested soldier, he fought and died by the side of the man who would one day become king. He was a comrade to Mikasa, a friend to Armin, and ultimately an enemy to all who would see Eldia restored. Today his children will join him as victors, but a time may come when they too must fight side.

Such is the case after a century of fighting, yet what “The End of the World” accomplishes instead is reigniting the lighter side of Attack on Titan with more of its gritty roots. The show’s producers have defied fan expectations before, most memorably by killing off major characters in season three.

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