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Liked The Last Of Us? Now Get Ready For The Remake On Ps5!


Many games are in line with a remake and when they have launched the remake usually gets a more positive response than the previous one. Considering this and the impact, Sony has confirmed that they are planning to make a remake of “The Last Of Us” Which will be coming out as “The last of Us 3”. The game has been on the list of best games and the remake will surely have a huge impact on the audience. Though the date is not set the makers have confirmed that the remake is in production and will be released soon.

The latest version of the game seems like it’s planned to come out on a brand new system expected by the end of 2020. Any improvements would match those in The Last of Us Part II from last year. Sony’s first-party development teams aren’t in danger of being shuttered, but the company is looking to curb redundancies and underperforming units in an effort to streamline its creative process. Sony has announced that their developers are not on the chopping block, and they are working to eliminate unnecessary costs through streamlining.

Watch out for the trailer of the game. Though it is known that the storyline and graphics would be all different as the game is all set to be released on the PlayStation 5.

Sony’s Visual Arts Service Group (better known as VISGI) is one of the best parts of working at Sony. Our team allows game creators to focus on game design and development while we handle everything from concept art to animation to VFX to coding. Personally, I’ve worked on several notable IPs, including The Last of Us, Uncharted 2.

For nearly a decade, the Visual Arts Service Group (VASG) opted to work on games for Sony. But with Sony’s focus increasingly shifting to explosive action titles, the San Diego studio was forced to turn elsewhere for its growth. Sony reportedly put its faith in a Visual Arts Service Group remake of The Hustle, but the studio has been unimpressed with VASG’s progress on the project. Sony hasn’t committed to giving VASG a larger budget for the remake, according to sources.

Contrary to earlier rumors that have been circulating, a source has confirmed that Naughty Dog is still working on a next-gen remake of The Last of Us. Sony has announced that it will close its San Diego development studio, which was responsible for such games as God of War. In an interview with Kotaku, key team members have expressed frustration with the process of working with Sony to develop a new game. While initially, the studio had wanted to be able to lead its own projects, that didn’t pan out and ended up being a support studio once Naughty Dog wrestled back control of the aforementioned The Last of Us remake.


The latest chapter of the successful “The Last of Us” video game franchise is an even more modern gaming experience that not only pleases the long-time fans, but has been adapted to television, film, and merchandise as a part of Sony’s corporate synergy.

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