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Fruits Basket Season 3 Episode 2 will be out soon: Release Date, Plot; Here’s what you should know about it!


Fruits Basket Season 3 Episode 2 will be aired on Tuesday, the 13th of April 2021 in Japan. Depending upon the time zones you’re in, release dates may vary.

As of now, the timeline of the show is pretty consistent and similar to that of the previous installments. Still, it’s not confirmed whether this season will also have 25 episodes or not.

Anime streaming platform Funimation plays a major role if you want to watch this animated series as soon as it is released. If you want to watch Episode 2 and you’re a non-premium Funimation user, then, wait a little longer, until 20th April. Crunchyroll viewers might have to wait a bit longer than this.

It’s quite interesting, in the era of Netflix and Prime, when it comes to Anime shows, Funimation and Crunchyroll have their own place.

The plotline of Fruits Basket

According to various reports, the current installment will be “covering the entire plotline of the original manga.” Fruits Basket is based on Takaya Natsuki’s manga of the same name. It is considered one of the most popular shōjo works.

The Fruit basket plot is quite fascinating, and the story is very relatable, making it more popular.

To begin with, Fruits Basket is an anime in which a girl has a strange realization. She finds that her flatmates turn into the Chinese Zodiac Cycle animals when given a hug or if they’re unwell. Funny enough? Yes, it is. But this anime is more than fun. It has life lessons filled in it, making it more relatable and the audience builds a strong connection with the characters.

All of the characters have some kind of experiences, traumas, and suffering holding them back. This show deals with life problems, from abuse within the family to self-esteem issues in characters.

One might argue that the involvement of the Zodiac curse, might make the show supernatural and unrealistic. But, it’s the opposite. Despite the supernatural aspects, the humanness of the characters will pull you into the anime. All of the characters develop and evolve, as you’ll watch the series from the beginning, it will become clear how the character’s understanding of life is broadened.

The first installment, which was released in 2001, did a good job, considering its era. Undoubtedly, there has been pressure on the creators to modernize the world of Takaya Natsuki’s manga, while keeping the originality of the characters alive. The new Fruit basket anime is the amalgamation of modern aesthetics, designs, colors, and settings. At the same time, all of this compliments the characters.

The plot of Season 3

Season 2 concluded with a shocking revelation that Akito is actually a girl, who was raised as a boy, by her abusive mother. The name of her mother was Ren. Akito’s aggressive behavior in the show is indicative of the fact that her relationship with Ren was not good. Now, she finds a genuine connection somewhere else, in her position as God of the Zodiac members.

Tohru is hurt by the revelation, especially when Kureno declares he can’t be with Tohru’s friend, Arisa, whom he loves, as he feels he can’t abandon Akito who needs him.

Well, this is the specialty of Fruits Basket, all of these characters are in a mess. Solutions to their problems are not easy, so they’re going to navigate through these challenges, learning about life and themselves.

The first episode of the season has set a good theme. Now, as we know, episode 2 is expected on 12th April, in most parts of the world. (13th April, in Japan). It will be a treat to watch these characters navigating difficulties and coming out stronger.

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