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‘Dexter’ Renewed for Season 9: Release Date, Plot and Expected Story


The popular American crime-drama ‘Dexter’ is renewed for season 9. The reason for renewal after so long is the well-known abrupt ending.

Dexter season 9 is expected to release in the fall of 2021. Although, an announcement of the upcoming season was made by Showtime, in October 2020. Now, it is confirmed that we’ll get to watch 10 episodes of this amazing psychological-thriller series.

When Dexter ended with its finale episode, it was the talk of the town but not for a good reason. The loyal watchers of the show returned with huge disappointment. According to various reports, it was considered the most controversial sign-offs in television history.

Everything you need to know about ‘Dexter’

With the release of its pilot episode in the year 2006, Dexter picked up steam. It became one of Showtime’s most popular series.  Michael C. Hall, who portrays the protagonist ‘Dexter Morgan’, received countless awards for his crime show performance.

Dexter Morgan is a Miami Metro Police Department’s blood-spatter analyst. Which means he’s doing good work? No. There’s more to the story. He has a double life. When he is not helping the police solve crimes, he is committing crimes of his own. He spends his time hunting and killing criminals that slip through the judicial system.

You can love Dexter, you can hate Dexter, but you can’t ignore him. People love him because he just doesn’t kill anyone, his hobby is taking the lives of other criminals. Well, seems like a pretty dangerous hobby.

Dexter has 8 seasons in total, now a new renewed season will be added, making it 9. There was a huge surge in demand for the upcoming season. Let’s get to know what went wrong with the ending.

Why fans were not satisfied with the ending? (Spoiler Alert!)

In the final episode, Dexter’s sister Debra (played by Jennifer Carpenter) dies. As a result, he staged his own death and drift off living in isolation. He became a lumberjack in the forests of Oregon and he tries to live a regular life there. But this leaves Dexter’s intense and emotionally stimulating character on a cliff-hanger. And it became the reason for viewers’ disappointment.

However, in season 9, things will start making sense. Although, the plot will revolve around Dexter’s life in the Oregon forest as a lumberjack, his quest to kill criminals will always remain unsettled. Therefore, we’ll get to see some thrilling and exciting episodes.

As far as casting is concerned, nobody can play Dexter better than Michael C Hall. He is so honest about Dexter’s role, which makes people think that he behaves like Dexter in real life. Clancy Brown will be entering a show as a new character, details of which is still unknown. According to the sources, Alano Miller will also be an interesting character. He is a sergeant working in the Iron Lake police department and will be seen as an associate wrestling trainer.

Nonetheless, the return of ‘Dexter’ has created a certain kind of buzz among the fans. Let’s wait and watch, how things will turn out.

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