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Best Practice Guide For European Independent Music Sector Launched By Impala!


The European music industry hasn’t tasted much success in recent times but now IMPALA that is Independent Music Companies Association has taken a special initiative towards empowering or developing the first carbon-accounting tool which will be specifically used to record the music and other lyrics. IMPALA’s board of directors has voted to approve the collective investment options for members. The IMPALA Streaming Manifesto has been launched to tackle the climate charter’s targets. This manifesto urges streaming services to help assess and reduce the carbon footprint of digital music. A recent analysis of music streaming by IMPALA’s Future of Music Coalition showed that streaming can help achieve climate safety in the EU if it’s designed to be carbon neutral.

The task force, part of the IMPALA industry forum, includes Alison Tickell, founder, and CEO of Julie’s Bicycle; Will Hutton, head of sustainability for Beggars Group; and Peter Quicke, co-CEO at Ninja Tune.

All artists have to do is keep offering their music for sale, and they can get a free certification which proves they are an artist who cares about climate change. An IMPALA member gets to be on the front row when the government makes decisions that affect them. This helps our members feel prepared for a more sustainable future, so we’re including suppliers too.

As the world’s most sustainable music organization, IMPALA is pushing every step in the right direction. This is what sets us apart from every other global music body.IMPALA executive chair Helen Smith said, “IMPALA’s mission is to help grow the streaming and subscription sector sustainably. We believe in free trade and providing high-quality content to our consumers – that’s why we believe this guidance is so important.”

On many occasions, issues affect the whole industry, not just our members. Taking a collective approach will help us address some of the broader challenges that we face. We will be working with other bodies who also have an interest in influencing the behavior of the sector.

Bruxelles-based IMPALA, a coalition of independent music publishers, said that cooperation with the EC will proceed through its ongoing working group with other groups in the pan-European collection society coalition. Two-time IMPALA board member David Wood, who now heads up the European division of U.S.-based publisher group SESAC, confirmed to POLITICO that the music org is proceeding despite the departure of publisher members Merlin and WM Distribution, who had initiated it.

We can say that Impala has taken one of the most wonderful and encouraging steps towards the music industry and it will be interesting to see how the industry gets revolutionized and prospers in the future. But one has to clap for the team that is working in the company for their efforts and all the hard work they are putting in for the betterment of the music industry.

Don’t forget to give your views in the comment section regarding what else could be done to improve the structure and worth of the European Music industry and to make it grow at a bigger and amazing rate in the future for the upcoming generation.

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