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Amanda Gorman becomes first poet on cover of Vogue magazine


Amanda Gorman, poet, activist, and most importantly an optimist, becomes the first poet to be featured on the cover of Vogue magazine. The 23-year-old poet, who graduated from Harvard University in Sociology, was photographed by Annie Leibovitz for the May issue. Renowned Fashion and lifestyle magazine, Vogue, announces this on its social media platforms.

Regarding the cover, she wore a Louis Vuitton blanket which was meticulously styled as a dress. It was cinched by a wide and classy golden belt. African textiles are the source of inspiration behind the lovely design of this garment wore by Amanda. It’s designed by Virgil Abloh, reportedly, Louis Vuitton’s first Black artistic director.

Amanda Gorman became more popular when she delivered her poem ‘The Hill We Climb’ at the inauguration of US President Joe Biden. Since then, the poetess has not stopped making news.

More about the photoshoot

Interestingly, the looks of the poet in both the photoshoot have been inspired by a portrait of Abloh’s maternal grandmother. He shared with everyone in a post on Instagram, “…long story short, this look from the last men’s LV show was inspired by this photo my Ghanaian GH mom gave me of my grandmother Madam Hellen Dei Ashie. All in all, the moral of the story is… everyone’s a writer. And the world makes more sense the more stories get told.”

“I grew up as a teenager seeing my dad wear kente cloth to occasions that were heightened experiences and I had to grapple with how come my friends in America thought my dad was wearing something super foreign that they couldn’t relate to. What does that make me feel about my own personal heritage? Do I highlight that or do I keep that within? The amazing power that fashion has is: Let’s take away the feeling of being shy about our personal heritage just because it’s not pop culture. In turn, we can educate using a garment; we can educate using a selection to be on the Vogue cover,” added Abloh

Amanda Gorman: An inspiration

Amanda Gorman is an inspiration for the youth. Her goal and ambitions are not artificial, instead, they’re deeply rooted in her identity. She is on a mission to defy and revolutionize some problematic cultural norms regarding black lives in America.

A statement by Michelle Obama, “I live in a house which was built by slaves”, touched her heart. She strives to put out work that gives out strong messages to the community and represents great historical significance.

Most of us didn’t know, until now, that from childhood only Amanda had a speech impediment. Also, in an interview with Michelle Obama, she told her that idea of being on stage as a black woman is daunting. But, she overcomes all of this with her never-defeating willpower and zeal for life. It’s a great message for the youth, to not let anything prevent you from putting out your authentic self in front of the world.

Her message to the world is that of unity, embracing different cultures, and leaning into diversity. Whenever she sits down to write something; fame, money, recognition, and appreciation don’t concern her. All she thinks about is, how I can add something to this country? How can I give hope to the people living in despair? Writing something larger than herself is the motive all the way. That’s Amanda Gorman for you!

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