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Brie Larson aka Captain Marvel to be jealous of Elizabeth Olsen for WandaVision’s Success: Know the truth!


The word on the street says that Brie Larson, Captain Marvel, is jealous of Elizabeth Olsen as WandaVision is picking up steam.

Brie Larson is a well-known blunt personality and there is nothing wrong with that. Although, she has a reputation of being an unlikeable person, as per her interviews and public opinion.

Throughout the years, in interviews and public events, she comes across as arrogant and rude. Although, she might not be like that in reality.

When she claimed that Carol Danvers (Captain Marvel) is the strongest and most powerful Avenger in the Marvel Universe, all of this started. As soon as she mentioned this in a recent interview, she received backlash and hate from the public.

Some of it is reasonable as she sounded rude and self-obsessed but, most of it was unreasonable.

Why did she say that Carol Danvers is the strongest?

If you want a simple answer, then, she felt like saying so. Or maybe, she believed in it. Story Ends here. Well, it’s not that simple. The public accusation on Brie Larson is that she is jealous of Elizabeth Olsen and her recently successful series WandaVision.

This news would not have spread like a fire in the forest, until an entertainment website DKODING, dedicated a whole article on this. Primarily, it dissected that the possible reason for jealousy between them. From here onwards, we’ll use the word resentment as there is no conclusive evidence to suggest the same.

Anyways, the reason for resentment was regarding the popularity of their characters in the cinematic universe. As both of them have fabulously played their powerful roles.

Some of the critical public reviews went to the extent of asking to replace Brie Larson from Captain Marvel. The website which started all of this built all of this from few interviews and it is heavily based on assumptions.

Each has its own place in the industry

Captain Marvel fans say that this is a cheap stunt to grab the viewers’ attention by using the hard-earned fame of Brie Larson. And they’re probably right, Brie Larson has created her space in the industry through her hard work and dedication. No doubt, she has got recognition for that.

Brie Larson has won Best Actress in 2016 for her critically acclaimed performance in Lenny Abrahamson’s “Room.” Jennifer Lawrence, one her very close friends, being her senior, is consistent in giving her advice. After winning the Oscar, Jennifer told Captain Marvel to stay grounded and keep working hard, recognition doesn’t mean everything. This is evident in the fact that Brie Larson is being accused wrongly as she is continuously looking for counsel and advice.

On the other hand, Elizabeth Olsen known as Wanda Maximoff in WandaVision has also come a long way. Undoubtedly, WandaVision is the most talked about show in the current scenario. Jimmy Fallon dedicated an entire episode of his show to celebrate WandaVision. This series is successful for a reason. The reason is the tireless work done by the entire team behind the creation of this masterpiece and we cannot disregard that.

However, actors should be considerate and choose their words correctly when talking of others or even their own performances. Anything can be misinterpreted or misread these days, creating a whole story out of nothing.

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