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The final chapter in the series of the street-fighting saga that is Yakuza 6 : The Song of Life is a crime story which has one of the best and amazing plot. However it is much suitable for the Japanese tourism industry as it would create a lot of revenue through the advancement in the game. Although as the title suggests, it has a set of mixed reviews attached with it.The gameplay has a single combat and only a handful of meaningful additions have been done. This will surely affect the gamers as they were expecting a new and real storyline but now they have to compromise with just these updates.

The game features the storyline of a arm wrestling match and all the betrayals and other crimes that are going on  the streets of Japan, this introduces a set of new heroes and the villains. Though it has disappointed a lot of gamers as there is not much to do with the storyline there after. Stepping into the game, there will be a lot of aspects that one can look for. Now let’s wait for the reviews that the gamers will give and then decide whether they are on a positive side or a negative side.

The trailer was launched a long ago and was expected that the game would be a success for the ages. 

Yakuza 6 : The song of Life is an action adventure video game and developed in the PlayStation 4. It was released in the December month of 2016. It has a rating of 9/10 on the steam platform and has been rated a top game amongst all. 

It is one of the most entertaining drama of all time which closes the book of a long time on the central character named kazma kiryu’s epic story which has given us an amazing gameplay and a story which would be remembered for the ages. It has one of the most emotionally satisfying story and with the lots of new content to explore for the gamers. Though the owners have stated that if you haven’t played it’s pervious parts then you cannot enjoy the season 6 as all the seasons are related to each other and are heavily dependant on the previous parts. Language barrier can also be the issue as sometimes the game offers a Japaneese language which can be all new for the gamers who dont understand that particular language.

In the game Kazuma Kiryu, the one who lived all his life in the crime city is now deciding to quit this type of work and wants to settle in a peaceful manner. Though life doesn’t goes on as planned and he is arrested for his previous crimes. The game starts from the ending of season 5 and features new and exciting parts. It solely focuses on the Kiryu unlike the previous parts and is a narrative story gameplay.

Having a rating of 9/10 it is worth the download and people can enjoy the much waited season 6 with full joy and excitement that they had in the previous seasons of the game.

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