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It’s gorgeous, it’s powerful, and it offers a level of luxury that seems to have been somewhat forgotten in recent years as Mercedes-Benz focused on building drop-tops for its AMG high-performance brand. Launched in 2014, the Mercedes-AMG GT has recently been updated for 2018 with a new look and updated electronics. Now the Roadster model is to be replaced by an all-new, top-of-the-range version of the SL. The car has been surely a huge boost in the field of automobile sector. Hoping for a better tomorrow, the company has been doing its best to promote the new product set to be launched later in this month will all the new features.

When asked about the AMG GT Roadster, AMG CEO Philipp Schiemer confirmed the car will be discontinued when the new SL comes out. The news has been a major heartbreak for the old car lovers who used to keep an amazing set of antique cars with them.

We’re sad to say that the SL Roadster is no more. Although the GT Coupe and four-door GT will continue, and reminding us that “the roots of the SL are in racing“, it was with sadness that we said goodbye to a handsome car. While the seventh-generation SL promises to be an impressive driving machine, it also turns the page on the 6-series’ image as a cold, clinical exercise in performance.

Christian Schiemer, head of the Mercedes-Benz product line, confirmed that there will be 48v hybrid powertrains and plug-in powertrains offered in the new SL. This statement has made the entire sector have higher expectations from the company. Buyers would be eagerly waiting for the new update and features which are set to be released soon.

The new AMG will be powered by a 4-liter V8 engine with up to 790bhp, making the new SL73e capable of accelerating from 0-62mph in only 2.9 seconds, yet still achieving average fuel consumption of just 71.4mpg, and CO2 emissions of 165g/km. These features have surely added much more to the car which will be on the roads very soon if the development of it goes on with this pace only.

Though people have been speculating that these new updates on the list would be additional pressure on the company; what if the company isn’t able to meet the demands of the buyers who don’t actually like those new updates in it?  But it can be a problem in any field so there isn’t much to worry about but to just keep these little things in mind.

There has also been a rush on Twitter regarding the launching of the most awaited supercar. Many car enthusiasts have tweeted regarding the new features, launch date, and other relevant information. Everyone is excited to view the new Mercedes model on the roads and enjoy the drive or the new features coming with it.

Don’t forget to give your views in the comment section regarding the new model of Mercedes and also mention which feature you are craving to have this type of car with you.

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