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Overwatch players demands Baptiste’s Immortality Field meme rework to stay!


This April Fool, experimentally some patches were added to Overwatch. Those changes made heroes in the game stronger and more difficult to deal with.

One of the changes which gained traction was the controversial Immortality field change. It is believed to be the ultimate ability as it keeps the teammates from dying.

The patch introduced on April Fool made the Immortality Field reduce incoming damage by 50% rather than set a minimum health value. The majority of  Overwatch players want this ability to stay and be there in the actual game. Although, arguments against these changes were also raised in the gaming community.

Overwatch: The Immortality Issue

Before talking about the Immortality issue in the game let’s get to know our hero. He is known as Baptiste, a combat medic, who made a decision to make this world a better place. Using his skills, he helps people who’ve been affected by the suffering caused by war.

Well, the Immortality field is generated when Baptiste deploys a small drone and a blue energetic field surrounds it. It looks like a blue ring and stays active for nearly 5 seconds.

Because of this, when an ally is inside, their health pool will not drop below their remaining 20% threshold. Additionally, if a character’s health is less than 20%, then, IM field will raise that to the 20 percent mark.

If they’re hit by an enemy, they’ll not be healed immediately but this field will not let their health decrease furthermore.

As soon as the immortality field is activated players will experience a golden aura around them. Notably, Immortality Field can be destroyed before it expires. Nonetheless, at 150 HP, it would take a certain level of energy to damage it.

A well-known player of Overwatch ‘Nero’ Zwarg gave his opinion on this temporary change. He tweeted, “lowkey would be a good change.”

Users on Reddit also nodded to this change, one of them wrote, “ I don’t care about whether or not it’s properly balanced, the Bap change should go through”

As we know, every time something is introduced, public opinion is mixed. We also witnessed players saying, “ Immortality Field is the dumbest ability in the game.”

Well, the creators are now facing a dilemma as some players want this experimental patch to be added to the actual game. While others want the Immortality field to be removed altogether.

It will be interesting to watch, what decision will Blizzard take and what will be the fate of Baptiste.

More April Fool Changes in Overwatch

Talking about the character Mei, she’ll have a tank full of health. There’s good news for Junkrat, he can now drop three bear traps in one go. McCree, you’ll get ammo refilled every time you’ll be going for a headshot.

The powerful D.Va can now crush her opponents to death by summoning her mech, leading to full team kills.

Apart from all this, one interesting change was appreciated, it has to do with Sigma. Yes, you heard it right, Sigma!

Sigma no longer has a shield. He can fly wherever he wants, around the map, without caring about gravity.

Many changes took place this April Fool, to read all of them click here. As of now, we don’t have any official confirmation regarding the permanence of these changes.

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