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Russia Has Deployed Troops Near The Ukraine Border, Triggering Fears Of Return To Confrontation In Crisis-Torn Country.


The conflict in the country, which has been on a low simmer for months, drawing little attention, is escalating sharply in recent days. Amnesty International, the human rights advocacy organization, according to statements released Tuesday by the Ukrainian and Russian Government. The military says the fighting in eastern Ukraine is heating up once again. Four Ukrainian soldiers have been killed in the deadliest battle of the year so far. Markets are watching the new fighting between Ukrainian forces and Russia-backed separatists in eastern Ukraine for signs of a possible escalation that could endanger efforts to reach a cease-fire deal. Since 2014, the fighting in Ukraine has intensified. When pro-Russia separatists formed governments in two provinces in Ukraine, Russia invaded in order to protect Russian citizens. Russia is no longer interfering in Ukrainian affairs but tensions between Russia and Ukraine are still high.


The US first imposed sanctions on Moscow in 2014 after the Russian annexation of Crimea. After the 2014 coup, Kyiv requested military support from western countries to defend its mainland from Russia and counter an invasion of eastern Ukrainian territory. But the nationalistic fervor has been driven by a mix of historical grievances and the Kremlin’s willingness to inject significant money into Crimean infrastructure. Putin, who has already invaded Ukraine’s the Crimean Peninsula, has sent his troops into Eastern Ukraine claiming he must protect the country’s citizens from attacks by violent Ukrainians. However, Kyiv refused to sign a reunification agreement with Russia after which Putin annexed the region under the guise of protecting citizens.


Kyiv quickly pointed the finger at Moscow after four Ukrainian soldiers died on March 26 in a battle near the village of Avdiivka, a town close to the front line. Russia has refuted allegations of moving the heavy weaponry and claimed that the soldiers had been killed because of landmines exploding. The Russian Defense Ministry warned Ukraine not to worsen the situation. The West has said Russia’s build-up is “extremely dangerous.”

The West has also threatened Russia with further sanctions if it fails to abide by the agreements made in Minsk [the capital city of Belarus] during that September meeting.


“If the US and NATO dare to directly support Georgia, a number of measures would immediately follow,” Russia’s Deputy Defence Minister Anatoly Antonov was quoted as saying by RIA Novosti. Moscow’s announcement came a day after NATO expressed concern over the movement of Russian troops along the Russia-Ukraine border and Western leaders reiterated their support for the Ukrainian government.

On March 31, United States Secretary of State Antony Blinken called his Ukrainian counterpart and offered his full support after the recent outbreak of violence, which saw pro-Russian separatist forces seize government buildings in the eastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk.

Yesterday, the arrest of an Italian Navy captain for selling classified information to a high-ranking Russian officer was announced. This is especially interesting considering military ties between Russia and Italy. Ukraine is close to the border of Europe, and its stability and security will have a direct effect on the bloc. If anything were to happen to this country it would undermine the security and economy of Europe.

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