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Magic: The Gathering Arena Arrives On iOS And Android


The lovers of Magic: The Gathering Arena have news that will leave them in joy as the owners have announced that now it will be available on Android and on the IOS platforms after its success on PC when it was launched in 2019. Earlier it was only announced for some Android platforms but now the Wizards of the Coast have announced it for both Android and the IOS. The date that has been given by the owners of the game is 25th March for the Android and IOS and will also get the support for the tablets. The new update will bring a lot of elation for the gamers.

They have launched the digital version of the popular card game across the world, though it was launched on the beta version on the Android devices in the month of January now it has been released on both IOS and Android on 25th march. The people in Europe have already started downloading it from the IOS store and the Google Play store. The company announced its launching through a blog post and gave the much-awaited news to the gamers. Tablets will also get the support of the owners to start getting the game on this platform too.

Magic: The Gathering Arena or the MTG Arena is a digital collectible card game that was developed by the Wizards of Coast. It was released by the owners on PC and it has been successful since then. Now the game will be available on mobile devices. 

Since its release, it has been the most popular card trading game and the presentation has been also good. Though speculations have been made that the overall experience would differ because the game has been shifted from PC to mobile phones, the owners have mentioned that the difference will be minimal and would not affect the experience of the game. The new update will also saw the fixing of bugs and lag which was complained about by the gamers for a long time. Another occasional issue was the players were shown offline even when they were online which will still be an issue as it has not been fixed by the owners.

Wizards of the Coast have confirmed that they are working on a long term update and looking for something big until then they have released a small update so as to fix the bugs and for the problem of showing it offline they have told to follow the following steps :

  • Don’t exit the whole game when the problems start.
  • Instead of it try logging out from your account completely.
  • Then try logging in and you will see the problem is solved.

It will be quite interesting to watch out when the game will be released on mobile phones and the reviews of the gamers as a card game hasn’t been much successful when released on some other platform.

Don’t forget to give your views in the comment section and let us know if you really enjoyed the game on a new platform or not.

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