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King Crimson’s Robert Fripp And Toyah Willcox With Horned Guitarist Did Iron Maiden’s Cover!

King Crimson’s Robert Fripp and Toyah Willcox after hugely influencing the rock band culture of the 1970s are now taking over the internet with their lockdown performances.

Recently, they’ve been joined by guitarist Sidney Jake and performed Iron Maiden’s ‘Quantity Of The Beast’ in their latest lockdown lunch video performance.

Under the description of their YouTube video, it was written, “An Easter twist on this Maiden traditional – Quantity Of The Beast,” “Be afraid – Very Afraid!!!!”

Watch the video here:


The Story Of Robert Fripp And Toyah Willcox

Last year, Fripp and Willcox got an idea and launched this online series of performances. To date, they’ve put up many videos, among them most of the classic went viral.

Songs like Nirvana, Guns N ‘Roses, Billy Idol, Led Zeppelin, Alice Cooper picked up steam on YouTube.

In an interview, Willcox explained the reason behind starting these cover videos. She wants to cheer Fripp up, making him involved, as he had begun ‘withdrawing’ during the lockdown.

“I thought: ‘I’m going to teach him to dance,’” she stated. “And it became a challenge. I do the lighting, the filming, the conceptual side, and the persuading Robert to take part”

“Six months down the line, he can see that it was quite an important thing to do, in that it became a shared experience with an audience that needed to be reminded of the beauty of human laughter.”

Robert Fripp and his band King Crimson played a major role in shaping the rock culture, leaving a mark on the history of music. The band started with King Crimson’s 21st Century Schizoid Man (1969), which was a unique jazz-rock, and set the atmosphere for their popularity at the time.

Sharing With The Community

Coronavirus invoked a realization that together we’re stronger. From the very beginning, governments, as well as individuals across the world, understood that it will be impossible for us to fight this virus alone.

We need communities. Stronger communities. People find it harder to digest the fact that global cooperation is a thing, due to inter-state problems. But art and music don’t have any boundaries. These two abovementioned musicians are living examples of that.

They’ve listeners all around the world, as Willcox mentioned that she wants the world to be reminded of human laughter. She used her platform and her following for a noble reason.

If you’ll look at the video, you can feel the atmosphere there, the guitarist Sidney Jake is wearing a fancy costume, with golden masks and wings. Through this, they’re making it fun for viewers to watch, it adds an element of fun and involvement in the video.

Back in the days, the Japanese were oblivious to the music of Americans and vice versa. Interestingly, due to globalization, you can see the eastern world enjoying western music, and also the other way around. Robert Fripp and Toyah Willcox have a strong following in India. Also, people are demanding more such performances. In a world, where every other day we hear something tragic, King Crimson’s musicians are a breath of fresh air.

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