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Brewmaster: Beer Brewing Simulator Is Launching For PlayStation In 2022


It hasn’t been long since we’ve talked about the previously released Lawn Mowing Simulator. We’ve yet another surprise, that is Brewmaster. Undeniably, simulator games are picking up steam in this era. This game is no different, it will give you a realistic experience of what goes around before a perfect beer is served.

Some people love the idea of home brewing as a hobby, but due to a variety of reasons, like paucity of time, they couldn’t pursue that.

Well, it’s good news for all those interested in the science of beer brewing without actual involvement of ‘beer’. This video game is scheduled to release next year for Xbox, PlayStation, PC, and Switch.


Excitement for release is not going to cool down any time soon. The reason for this is, it is not a regular simulation game. Most people out there are oblivious to the whole complex process behind making a perfect beer. The news of the release of ‘Brew master’ made them research on that.

The announcement was made on the PlayStation blog, by Jemima Crow, Marketing & Community Manager, Auroch Digital. She said,” Brewmaster is about the process, not just the end result.”

It is actually true, as you’ll play this game, you will get to know that beer making is a subject in and of itself. The player will get to explore the fermentation process. Playing around with the fundamental hops, grains, and yeasts as well as a range of other real-world ingredients for you to add into your brew.

Players will have their own business models and have to compete with others while being creative at the same time.

Simulation Video Games; Shaping The Gaming World

The Video Gaming industry is evolving at an unprecedented rate, making it difficult for creators to predict what kind of games the market expects.

Back in the days, simulation games were not considered as much fun but things have changed now. Nowadays, games are not just viewed as a means to escapism but players expect them to be intellectually challenging.

Taking the example of Brewmaster, entering friendly competitions, building reputation, buying stuff for the business of brewing is next level detailing. The idea of this simulation is not just relaxing, but creative at the same time.

According to the website, “you can throw caution to the wind with the sandbox Creative mode, where everything is unlocked and you’re free to create whatever beers you can come up with from the get-go.”


We’re entering a new era of gaming. This year is going to be transformative for many industries. During the lockdown, we’ve witnessed a sudden spike in the user base of different gaming platforms.

With a new user base, comes great responsibility on the creative time. So far, things have been going well, announcement of the release of Brewmaster is evident in the fact that the industry is recognizing the aspect of creativity in game making.

However, to play this game, there is no need to be an expert about the process of beer making. This game is light-hearted, creative, detailed, and you’ll end up learning more about brewing.

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