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Valorant Lovers; Get Limited Edition NFTs For Masters Title


In recent times, Valorant has gained a lot of popularity and amusement. It has led people to get their interests at a whole new level. The game has creative strategies and a whole new competition level which makes it one of the most amazing and lucrative games of all time. In the first-ever Valorant masters’ event, the team Sentinels earned the victory by the barest of margins. The champions have been crowned and many gamers have accepted that the crown has got into the right hands because the team sentinels truly deserved to win and have done right to their fate.


Getting the first prize always gives one of the best feelings. They have received an NFT. It is a piece of data that is embedded on a blockchain and features a single digital element. As they have won the Masters 1 Trophy so in this case, it will be featuring something similar to it. Getting it is considered one of the most valuable things as it is considered as a rarity to get the digital image as only 200 are available. It could also reach new heights and considered much higher than a time pass. It can be purchased only from a currency or the ETH which is called Ethereum Blockchain currency.


The domination of the team in the first leg was visible through the scoreline only. The team features in the two finals of the competition known as the challenge events. Beating both the teams and winning it. They won the first by the scoreline of 3-1 and another one winning by the scoreline of 3-0. These results were enough to show how much they were strong as a team and we’re all set to get their hands on another trophy.

But after getting through the master’s round, fate had another plan for them as they were stuck in a controversy. The main player of the team “sinatraa” was accused of sexual assault by his ex-girlfriend, Cleo Hernandez. Later he was suspended by the team and still under investigation. Later he was replaced by the former Cloud9 player Tyson “TenZ” Ngo. Their team was so good that even without one of their main player, they lost just one map in the entire event and swept the rest of the field on their own.

The prize money offered to them is of whooping $90,000 which is not less than getting a lottery on your own. Another 100 points have also been added to the team towards the VCT final competition. The team is also having the NFT for sale though only available for a limited time frame. It will be available on Rarible. Though one thing which is unknown to many of the gamers is that there are still over 150 Sentinels NFTs available which can become one of the most amazing things for future gamers.

Don’t forget to give your views on the game and participate in the valorant master’s Tournament given in it.

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