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Russian Spy Maria Butina, Serial Killer The Doodler, Unions at Amazon– Don’t Miss This Week’s Podcasts!


If you’re an avid podcast listener, then this week is going to be an interesting one. We have Spy Affair talking about the tale of Maria Butina, accused of being a spy.

Adding to this, True Crime with a Purpose will shed light on the story of a notorious serial killer, The Doodler. Finally, Current Affairs will look into unionization efforts at Amazon.

Before the further delay, let us dive straight to this week’s pick.

  1. Spy Affair

    Wondery introduces the audience to Maria Butina. Who is Maria Butina? A Russian woman who started traveling and making rounds of America from 2015 onwards. She argued that her motive was to improve inter-country relations.

    As a child, Maria fell in love with the shotgun’s belonging to her father. It is true when people say that if your child is attached to something in childhood, they’ll try to find that in everything they do in adulthood. As a result, she became a gun lobbyist in America.

    Reportedly, Maria did have connections in America. She was in a relationship with a conservative activist. Later, she was charged with conspiracy against the state and spying and was arrested for the same.

    This podcast explores the detailed aspects of Maria’s life, with testimonial shreds of evidence. So, if you’re into spy stories then there is no point in missing this.

  2. The Doodler

    It will take you back to the 1970s, how serial killers operated at that time. Particularly, the story will revolve around a serial killer known as ‘The Doodler’. As the name suggests, he used to sketch his victims on napkins before approaching them and doing his thing.

    Primarily, Doodler used to look for targets at gay bars. According to reports prepared by investigative journalists, The Doodler was a good-looking young man with great artistic skills.

    After making a sketch of the victims, he approaches them, flatters them, and the very next day a dead body is found somewhere in the city. This stuff is real and that’s how things used to happen in the mid-1970s. To explore more and understand the world of serial killers better, this podcast will be a serious recommendation.

  1. Current Affairs

    There has been a report in circulation about a woman named Jennifer Bates. She works in an Amazon warehouse. She has precisely 30 minutes for her Lunch Break. During this timeframe, she has to walk over to the cafeteria, covering a long distance, and takes something from the vending machine.

    She eats quick meals, in order to avoid wasting more time. If she makes it back to her post in the given time, all good. But, if she doesn’t, Amazon cuts her pay or perhaps even fire her.

    Situations like these are pressuring Amazon’s workers to organize unions and battle against the world’s second-largest employer. Although, this union is going to be formed in Alabama.

    Discussions, debates, and protests have been going on for a very long regarding Amazon’s working conditions. A few days back, well-known British comedian, John Oliver, sarcastically raised the issue of Amazon’s working conditions on Jimmy Fallon’s show. You can find that article on this site. By clicking here.

However, the Current Affairs podcast will be a go-to place for you when it comes to global news.

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