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Million Dollar Car “1995 Porsche 550 Spyder” Found In Shipping Container

Who would believe you if you say that you found millions of dollars in a shipping container?? NO ONE!, Exactly. But now you need to believe as a million-dollar car named 1995 Porsche 550 Spyder was discovered or should we say that the rare car was rediscovered which the Bobby Green uncovered in California which we can state that it was never lost. But getting such a rare car in a vacant place can be termed as a lottery for someone who hasn’t seen much money and fame in his/her life. Many of the people have termed it as the “find of the century.

The finder of the car even released a video made by his friend Blue Nelson on the first view of the 1995 Porsche 550 spyder. 

The car was found by the owner of the Old Crow Speed Shop who cracked open a storage container. The container was sitting at the top of the hill in a remote area of an Orange county.When the sunlight poured in and the sunlight was returned back after striking rhe mirror of the Porsche Car, everyone was amazed as the racing legend was one of the most rear type of car found in today’s time.

The person that managed to get the rare car also told about his hobbies of getting to see all the old motorcycles and cars. He described himself as a “designer, racer, dreamer and collector of all the old bikes and cars”. He stated that the passion and his love for old vehicles began when his family moved from Oklahoma to Los Angeles in 1980 as there he saw a Chevy Cruise which was in high demand at that time. He was only 10 years old at that time but that ignited the spark in him to chase all the old models of supercars and to include them in their collection. Even after owning a dozen of supercars and superbikes the thirst of getting, even more, is still not finished.

The link to the original post has been given here for your reference. You can visit it and see the original find of the century

The car was registered a long time ago and after being lost it wasn’t seen for a long time. But the recent incidents have confirmed that when last seen James Dean was driving it and was killed in an accident on the California Highway in 1995. The cars that were built earlier had much weight and were aluminium based bodies attached to them.

But according to the reports if believed, finding this type of car is not much of a rare case as you get these type of cars in all the fashion shows or other auto expos.

Now let’s see how the reaction of this discovery goes on and will we get to see some more discoveries or rediscoveries like this. Car lovers will be searching for some amazing supercars and would like to see having to add these in their collection this making it a thing to see and talk for.

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