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April Fool Pranks; New Heroes Added In Overwatch!


April fool has been always a memorable and enjoyable day for everyone as it lets you have a joke with your near and loved ones. For the game creators their family is none other than the gamers that play and enjoy their games with excitement and expectations from them to make it much better. Now the game overwatch has played a prank with their users by introducing experimental patches in which many awesome and interesting features were added but were only shown in the trailer of the game and later revealed that this was only an April fool prank on the gamers.

Overwatch is a team based multiplayer first person shooter game and has a rating of 4.5/5 on the steam platform. It has the heroes with a large set of roster included in it with new features and regular updates planned in the game.

Many gamers claimed that the creators have played with their feelings as the updates and new features that were shown in the trailer are what they craving for. But even after all this, the creators have confirmed that these features will be available on the current Experimental Card. They gave a statement that “though it is a April fool prank but we are going to welcome all the new features with both hands, as the gamers are having the right to ask for the new features from us and we are also happy to announce the arrival of these.

The official tweet of the game comprises of the trailer of the features that have been added in the cart. The changes that have been made can be listed as :

  1. Zenyata can now hover in the air at much higher hieght.
  2. Junkrat can now have the three traps in his armory.
  3. The most famous move of D.Va’s that is the mech drop can now cause upto 600 damage.
  4. Echo’s will now last for almost upto 30 seconds.

Though these features are hell of an addition to the game and seems quite unlikely that the creators will continue with these, but seeing the demand and craving of the users, it can be concluded that they will remain in the game for a longer period of time.

It is advisable to play on the Experimental card as seeing or expecting these features on the real live game is almost zero as it is an April fool prank. Giving all these features with a certain limit can be done but it is expected that the creators have been planning for something better and bigger. Though the gamers have been requesting them for introducing these features in the real live game, but let’s see how the creators respond.

Going with another update will clear all the misconceptions and misunderstandings that the gamers are having with them as if in the new update new features are not there then one needs to wait even more to get them in the game. Dont forget to give your views in the comment section and also tell if you want these features to be updated.

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