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April Fool Pranks Getting Out Of Hands; Will Take You To The 1994 Times!


The gaming industry has been on a roll on April Fool Day. They have been playing pranks and fooling the gamers and others through performing pranks which have cherished the childhood memories. Remedy Entertainment has been playing pranks and performing several ideas on the users. Some pranks have been getting out of hands as they have played something like that you can play a game even on your PlayStation 1 which is quite nearly impossible as the games that are being played would not be supported in the PlayStation 1. Gamers have been praying whole day that somehow get these pranks stopped by the creators so that they don’t have to bear any heartbreak.

Even starting with these types of pranks, the gamers should have understood that it would not be possible to play any game on the oldest platform of all time. But in the excitement one cannot even predict what is going to happen in the future. The prank would leave you in the 1996 world as the first PlayStation that was introduced in the world was in 1996. They have been planning to bring all the retro vibes but unfortunately it is termed only as a prank. The controls have been also become old in the respective format.

The official tweet recorded by the remedy entertainment doesn’t even let you know about the prank that they are playing on you. But through the end one can suspect about it and thus it is termed as a prank.

The gameplay that has been introduced looks highly compatible with the PlayStation and interesting as the game proceeds further. It takes you back in the time when the PlayStation was launched and the graphics of the game were one the biggest issue. In today’s time the games have been advanced and are looking much more on the brighter side, but in earlier times this wasn’t the case. The gamers had to suffer a lot with these graphics but there wasn’t any solution to it.The confused enemy and the gun lagging brought us to our childhood times.

The bugs have been also included in the teaser thus allowing you to generate all the memories of you childhood when playing games on PlayStation was not less than participating in a tough battle. But nowadays, kids don’t even know the struggle the old gamers had when they used to switch on their PlayStation. Now they just press a button and boom they are into the game. Previously it wasn’t the case.

But starting with a prank, the old gamers somehow got back into the good old times where they spend all their valuable time on these gaming platforms and cherished those memories. The prank however was one of the most amazing things but it brought back all the memories to them. One would like to thank the Remedy Entertainment for their efforts and would like to urge them to have more of these pranks in coming times so that we get some more flashbacks into our childhood for those sweet memories.

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