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Samsung Cloud To Cut Service Soon, Microsoft OneDrive Still An Option


Reportedly, Samsung cloud is closing and it will no longer support Gallery Sync, Samsung Cloud Drive, or Premium Storage.

If you’re reading this and use Samsung Cloud for storage purposes, then hurry up to transfer your files. Also, making copies of existing data will not be allowed after a fixed date.

This news is coming right from the tech giant’s official website. It says clearly that the cloud service for storing files in a drive will not be available after a certain time.

If you’ll not transfer the data or have backup storage ready, then there is a possibility of your data disappearing.

How Much Time Do You Have To Transfer Data?

Last year, Samsung mentioned that the Samsung Cloud file synchronization service will be terminated on June 21st, 2021.

Technically, users only have until 1st April to migrate their data on OneDrive. The last 10 weeks will only allow you to download your data.

Well, the timeframe of services getting shut is dependent on your region. To simplify things, regions have been divided into groups. Two groups exist, Group 1 and Group 2.

In Group 1, we have the USA, UK, Australia, and several European countries. While Group 2, consists of Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.

The deadline for the members of group 2 passed away. Yes, it was till 31st March, you were allowed to migrate your data from Samsung Cloud to OneDrive. If you were a member of group 1 then you must’ve received a notification a day before regarding the migration process.

On the other hand, Group 2 has received comparatively more time to make arrangements. If you’re a Group 2 member, you have until May 31 to migrate their data to OneDrive and until August 31 to perform a manual download.

Notably, from 1st September onwards, for any user from any region, Samsung Cloud will no longer store your files and photos.

Where Microsoft OneDrive Comes Into Play?

Microsoft OneDrive is a file hosting service, allowing you to store and share your files, photos, and documents. It is important to note that a free OneDrive account provides you with 5 GB of storage.

Interestingly, anyone migrating from Samsung Cloud will be gifted 15 GB of storage. Also, they will not charge anything.

Nevertheless, as everything comes with an expiry date. OneDrive’s expanded storage will also expire after a year.

Following the expiration, if anyone will be interested in expanding their storage on OneDrive once again, then, they have to pay.

If you’re a long-time Samsung Cloud user, then according to Samsung, there are benefits that you can still enjoy. According to Samsung, “you can continue to enjoy backing up/syncing and restoring other data such as Contacts, Calendar, and Notes.”

Therefore, the crux of the matter is customers who have used Samsung Cloud Gallery Sync or Drive have two only two options. Either migrate their data to OneDrive to continue using Gallery sync and Drive. The second option is to download all the data on a secondary device.

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